Two of Earth (Pentacles) is about prioritizing between multiple practical demands. As a mom, “working” or not, I’m often struggling on some levels to prioritize my needs.

Five of Water (Cups) is a card of disappointment and regret. For me, this card feels most connected to my disappointment about not having a smoother/faster career transition. It first came up repeatedly when I was trying to find work in Astoria, and I realize that for myself, a good deal of my sense of purpose comes from my work. So, despite being plenty busy between the kids and my new home (and previously my divorce, home sales/purchases, and moves…), I have a hard time feeling a full sense of purpose without a clear career trajectory.

Ten of Water (Cups) Yet, this nagging feeling is weird given that I’m otherwise spiritually happier than I’ve been for a very long time. I feel contented with my relationships and grateful for all the love I experience in my life.

10 Wheel of FortuneĀ points, again, to the turning point that my life is still at, and the clearly changing seasons. I dropped off my sister at the airport today and was taken aback to see snowflakes everywhere.

Four of Water (Cups) first came up the other day on All Souls’ Day, when I felt grief in a way that I hadn’t in a long time. Even as I was crying and feeling the waves of sorrow, I was grateful for allowing myself to simply feel the loss, and to learn from my emotional experience.

Explorer of Earth (Knight of Pentacles) is about hard work and productivity. After this weird emotional limbo stage, I would welcome both.

Six of Earth (Pentacles) is about reciprocity, giving and receiving. I am a naturally generous person, and aside from have freedom and peace of mind, I most want to become wealthy so that I could be a philanthropist and give to causes and create ideas that I believe in.

Elder of Earth (King of Pentacles) is able to do just that; create truly abundant and sustainable resources.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords), again, this card really feels like me in my career groove, tuning into my spiritual and creative gifts, and sharing them with my words, both via speaking and writing.

Seven of Air (Swords) with the new moon on the horizon, I am eager to really create a new vision for my life…


Darcy Rose