Here, on election night and the eve of the new moon in Scorpio, I’m feeling divine timing. Lately I’ve had to deal with a lot of pesky admin tasks related to changing my name to Darcy Rose. yet I can feel such a relief. It’s as though everything I accomplish lately feels profound, no matter how menial.

Four of Fire (Wands) again and again, I know just how essential my spiritual practices affects the rest of my life and creates my path to becoming Darcy Rose.

Four of Water (Cups), similarly, self care and emotional presence/awareness are so key to being able to go with the flow, ending self judgement and practicing real gratitude.

10 The Wheel , again, as a Gemini sun and Cancer moon and Libra rising, I love the changing of seasons. Our conscious evolution is why we are all here, and it happens season by season, personal shift by shift.

9 The Hermit, with daylight saving’s time, and the darkness that descends faster each day, I am feeling a calling to really cozy up and write like I haven’t for months…

Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is a card of abundance, security and the feeling of wealth. Even though, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around my new budget, I am very grateful for the base level of security that I do have.

Explorer of Air (Knight of Swords) is full of energy, and needs more vantage to balance passionate ideas.

Ace of Water (Cups), again, is a card of new love and overflowing emotions.

16 Lightning (The Tower) is a card of radical change. While some may fear change, I tend to anticipate it so much, and despite my relative patience, I am utterly relieved when it comes.

Six of Fire (Wands) reveals herself again, reminding me of why I have every reason to be confident about simply being myself, and trusting in my creative energy.

21 Gaia The World,¬†likewise, is such an incredibly beautiful “outcome” card. I’ve been adding more and more prayers to mother Earth into my yoga practice and meditations lately, and it’s felt so empowering to put out such heartfelt intentions, knowing that we all have the power to heal ourselves and the Earth.


Darcy Rose