11 Justice, again a central theme in many of my retrograde readings, is such a calling for me. So many of our social systems perpetuate injustice, and we can’t even live in modern socioeconomic structure without harming our environment. This card is also about being in alignment with your higher self, and as long as that’s the case, justice will prevail…

Five of Earth (Pentacles) reminds me of our “known” or perceived limitations. Even though I am grateful to be barely making ends without a traditional job, I have still felt scarcity since my safety net was spent on the closing costs for my new home. Plus, I dream of traveling with my kids in the not so distant future, and know that I need to start earning money to save up and not stress about small unexpected expenses that add up.

Ten of Fire (Wands) is a card of burden and responsibility. Without a job for the past nine months, I’ve put pressure on myself to provide for my family.

Two of Fire (Wands), again, reminds me of my simmering romances, and my desire to connect on an energetic level. In this card, they are looking deeply into each others’ eyes, which is such a turn on for me.

14 Temperance is a card about patiently and creatively melding different aspects of yourself, yet lately as I’ve pulled it repeatedly, it feels like being a spiritual bridge and helping to connect heaven and Earth.

Ace of Air (Swords) is a about taking action on a new idea, and having the drive to not just initiate, but to ultimately be successful.

Three of Earth (Pentacles) is a card of collaboration and partnership, and always makes me feels grateful for my Sisters.

4 The Builder (Emperor) is popping up for the first time during this venus retrograde phase. He is an obviously masculine figure, and represents the establishment and existing structures.

Seven of Fire (Wands) is a card of hard work and perseverance. While I am not about to complain about my life, I do hold the belief that to become who I am is going to require a lot more perseverance.

20 Awakening (Judgement) is such an beautiful and peaceful symbol of individual and collective awakening. I’m definitely feeling my vibration rising nearly every morning/night. I believe that we are evolving into the Aquarian age, and there are many of us who happen to lead the shift. I’ve gotten this card as my “outcome” several times, and it always inspires me.


Darcy Rose