Explorer of Air (Knight of Swords) continues to rise above to gain a higher view, and gain a clearer vision.

Five of Earth (Pentacles) continues to remind me that despite my money worries, I do in fact have the resources to be secure and the resilience to thrive even with perceived scarcity.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords), again, as a Gemini air sign, this card feels like my true calling. I love she is sharing a deep message through her presence alone.

Seven of Fire (Wands), again, affirms the momentum that I feel from the “hard work” (baby steps) that I’ve been doing to persevere and rebuild my life.

Four of Water (Cups) has been showing up a lot lately as well, I believe to help reminds me of how important it is for me to really feel my emotions, and reflect on their root causes.

4 The Builder (Emperor) also points to rebuilding my foundation on all levels.

14 Temperance points to creating a new synergy, embracing all aspects of myself, to create a new and fuller version of myself.

10 of Air (Swords) is a card of loss and letting go. While I’ve been happy for my freedom, there are moments where I do miss the family we were at our best, and I wish my kids were never inconvenienced for my personal needs.

18 The Moon reflects the feminine power and wisdom that I have begun to embrace and explore. In particular, I love my somewhat newfound awareness of the moon’s cycles and understanding how she/they influence our lives.

16 The Tower is a card of sudden change. Often times when I get this card, I already know on some level what it’s “about,” even though it’s not yet truly revealed. At this moment, I’m curious because it could mean a myriad of changes…only time will tell…


Darcy Rose