Beautiful. with the new moon energy.

18 The Moon has such a powerful energy, though in a receptive and reflective way. It’s amazing how much our culture has disconnected itself from such a pervasive influence on our lives.

7 The Canoe is here again, showing just how ready I am to move forward with my life.

Six of Fire (Wands), likewise, continues to shine her light. In the lighting, the fire almost looks real.

Seven of Earth (Pentacles) is ready to plant new and nurture new manifestations.

14 Temperance is here to remind me of my role of melding my life to share love and light.

5 The Teacher (Hierophant) is such a serene and joyful spiritual guide whose mere presence can be a teacher.

Five of Water (Cups) is my shadow side, once again, somehow doubting my own offerings.

Three of Fire (Wands) is here to collaborate creatively and share passion and energy with willing partners.

Four of Fire (Wands) is another affirmation of my kundalini practice and spiritual practices.

Four of Water (Cups), likewise, is another theme of this retrograde, asking that I feel my feelings and use it to recreate who and how I am, especially in relationship. The more I learn about Cancer, which is my moon and ruled by the moon, which shapes the oceans, I realize how much our vulnerable and willingness to go with the flow of life truly empowers us.


Darcy Rose