Finishing a beautiful (crisp!) long weekend with lots of girl fun.

Child of Water (Page of Cups) has been a central theme several times during this retrograde period, reminding me again and again of my truly youthful nature. Even though I believe that I convinced myself to grow up fast, I know that I’m a light hearted kid at heart.

Nine of Fire (Wands), again, affirming the ascension process that I’ve been experiencing, and how important it is that I start to share my story and help others on their journeys.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords), again brings clarity to my career desire to serve as a teacher and guide, inspiring social change, by creating new cultural models.

1 Magician is the archetype who consistently takes inspired action, juggling and manifesting multiple things at once.

11 Justice, with such demeanor of equanimity, is ready to right wrongs and act with integrity to create social change.

7 The Canoe (The Chariot) is ready to simply take action, and swiftly. It reminds me of the adage about how mama ducks don’t wait for their ducks to fully get in a row, but they simply jump into the pond (after sufficient cues, surely).

Elder of Fire (King of Wands) is such a beautiful card, especially during the thin veil of this season. It represents a natural born leader, who uses creative vision and intuition.

Four of Water (Cups) continues to remind me to fully feel my feelings (not just think about and observe them, as is my natural inclination). It also makes me realize just how important my tarot reflections have been to my personal/spiritual growth.

Eight of Air (Swords) in the Gaian deck is all about listening and sharing, which is interesting, given that the original cards have a blindfolded woman who can’t see how she is bound, likewise needing to figure her way out of suffering.

Eight of Earth (Pentacles) is about developing your skills, and networking to create success.

The Awakening card simply keep sliding off the top of the deck when I sat in down, and I couldn’t help but flip it over. Yes…still that season, indeed.


Darcy Rose