Whew, I feel a complete energy today. Like I’m through the proverbial woods.

I have to admit that once I some unavoidably full days and fell a bit behind with my reflections, I got into a “bad” rhythm of writing my reflections at night, nearing exhaustion. Thankfully, I never felt truly begrudging about writing/posting, but if you’ve followed my posts, I’m sure you could tell that they got shorter and shorter. I still put as much as I could into each post, but on some days, I barely had the energy to give.

Yet, between having a wonderful weekend with my daughters (plus my “Fair Daughter” Maddy and our new exchange student, Eva, from Germany), and experiencing an amazing 11/11/11 New Earth Day, I’ve felt a whole new level of energy. So, even though it’s already past 9:30, which for me is late, since I wake up by 5 for yoga/meditation, I am feeling so completely inspired to share my reflections. 🙂

Seven of Earth (Pentacles) has new meaning today, as my Rama TV kundalini yoga practice this morning included a special mini lecture at the very end from an astrologer named Remington, who Guru Jagat has interviewed before. He shared his insights about the extraordinary significance of 11/11/2018. I felt in awe when he shared of how this time is really about planting seeds for creating our soul’s deepest desires, and that by planting them on 11/11, and in this lingering energy that continues, we have such an incredible opportunity to manifest. He described how we don’t need to worry about everything all set in motion at this point, but simply a true clarity (and I’m sure he would agree has come from both the mars and venus retrogrades in different ways).

0 The Seeker (Fool), again, feels like such a perfect reflection of this energy. We are all creating a New Earth, and our journey is truly just beginning.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords) “happens” to be in same exact position as yesterday. I wish I knew the exact odds of this (I should ask my brother-in-law, because I bet he could calculate it in his head…just like how he counts cards). It feels so amazing, as I truly do feel such a new energy around recreating my career and way I want to serve humanity.

14 The Star, at the conscious position in the layout, reminds me of just how incredibly important it is that I share my wisdom/healing, and remember my own natural state of being a “star,” serving as a spiritual bridge between heaven and the New Earth.

Explorer of Earth (Knight of Pentacles) has an energy of being responsible for all that one manifests, and truly understanding the concept of reaping what we sow. Again, I felt such an amazing momentum shift today, being ready to take on tasks that just last week seemed hard, despite me knowing that there were each relatively small baby step. It’s not that I felt overwhelmed or anxious before, but I also didn’t feel completely motivated. Today, with literally every action, I felt as though it mattered. I went through my day in such a meditative flow state, while getting a record number of errands and tasks accomplished. I felt like “myself” again, only even better, because I was no longer anxious.

Elder of Water (King of Cups) is an archetype of overflowing love, especially self love, which inevitably gets reflected back to you, even if “just” while sailing through life solo. I love the wisdom and flow that this card embodies.

Five of Fire (Wands), like since my first tarot reflection in this venus retrograde series, I know that writing/speaking publicly, and coming out of the closet spiritually, needs to be a core aspect of my soul’s new path.

Five of Earth (Pentacles), yet interestingly, my shadow side still lingers (with the repeated presence of the Five of Earth and Five of Cups and the Devil/Bindweed). Interestingly, I realize that with this position about how people in my life perceive my life/finances. I’ve made the mistake of talking about my current finances with a few close friends/family, and now even though I don’t honestly feel huge financial stress, I feel worry/concern from them. It’s more that I’m in a space of feeling like I need to question every small expense, which is more taxing to me than wanting something expensive and not being able to afford it. At least with something “big,” I always feel motivation around saving for it and like it’s not such a sacrifice, yet holding firm on telling my girls that they can’t get something at the store tonight takes much more discipline. Plus, I don’t want them to worry about our finances, but near to clear on our spending limits.

Nine of Fire (Wands) is, again and again, such a beautiful card reflecting my/our collective ascension, and how wonderful it feels to tap into our own energy. This morning, during my kundalini practice, I truly felt the energy spiraling in my midspine, which along with the two cups of caffeinated coffee I drank at Rotary this morning, have left me buzzing all day long. 🙂

1 The Magician, and yes, I have felt the Magician energy today. Ready to use every tool and resource at my fingertips to gracefully take action, trusting that I can manifest anything I truly desire. Part of my excitement today was that after my Portland Pearl Rotary Club meeting (7:25 on Tuesdays at Ecotrust, in case you ever want to be my guest), and dropping my kids at school, I went straight back downtown to get my fingerprints for a background check so that I can become certified in Imagination Yoga, which has feeling such a sense of purpose. And while I was there, with my new name, I decided that it was time to get passport photos taken. It made me giddy to think about traveling, and all the possibilities ahead of me. One of the main reasons that I want to earn extra money, beyond having a true sense of financial freedom, is that I really want to save up for a big trip with my kids in 2020. Yet, I truly hadn’t given myself permission to consider traveling before then on my own, even though I have lots of frequent flyer miles, and have friends abroad who I could stay with and make for an inexpensive trip…. After being mentally/emotionally blocked for so long, this newfound energy feels truly amazing, and I’m excited to see where it will take me…


Darcy Rose