Lots of fire and earth…Look closely…a little foot snuck in. 😉

7 The Canoe (Chariot) takes swifts actions. Funny enough, I’ve gotten this card several times, and yet, somehow this morning I finally truly noticed the leaping orcas.

9 The Hermit reminds that sometimes taking time to yourself to reflect, like how I’ve done during this retrograde, may be the only way to find your truth.

5 The Teacher (Hierophant) continues to show up, as I finish my certification and prepare to teach Imagination Yoga.

Eight of Fire (Wands) is takes swifts creative action.

Child of Earth (Page of Pentacles) is ready to learn how to manifest their desires, and create true abundance.

Seven of Air (Swords) is about taking strategic and thoughtful action to map out your path.

Two of Fire (Wands) merges creative energy to become more than we could on our own.

Explorer of Earth (Knight Pentacles) is becoming skilled at using their resources wisely, and prioritizing what abundance really means.

Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is reaping of all we’ve sown, experiencing the fruits of our labor.

Three of Earth (Pentacles) is about connecting with others to manifest a deeper and broader sense of wealth of spirit.


Darcy Rose