Here I am, at the end of venus’ retrograde, and catching up on the couple of reflections that I didn’t manage to do on the day I drew the cards (because I was reflecting on earlier readings…). I’m hoping that I can put words to how much this time has meant to be personally.

Elder of Air (King of Swords) is about me being my own authority, especially in relationships. I want and need to relate on my own terms, and to listen to and trust my own inner voice.

Three of Air (Swords) is a much more peaceful and purposeful image in this deck, but I feel that it’s important to recognize the grief and heartbreak that is typically shown. On the one day of the retrograde that I truly felt grief, it was such a day of growth.

Five of Earth (Pentacles), likewise, I hope that by recognizing my stories around scarcity, I’ll continue to be able to learn enough to know better, and trust that the Universe truly has my back, and that I am meant to be financially abundant for serving humanity, just not in the typical box society would like me to fit into.

Eight of Fire (Wands), so I need to continue to listen to my intuition, especially on creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Seven of Fire (Wands), and to take inspired action, to persevere.

Explorer of Earth (Knight of Pentacles) inspires me to continue to use my resources well, and be grateful for the abundance that I do have.

6 The Lovers, here again, remind me that love is always a choice. I started out these reflections “coming out” as polyamorous, and I’ve come to see my desires in new ways through these reflections. I realized in talking with a dear friend that I have chosen lovers who are mostly unavailable, for very different reasons. For now, at least, this feel like the most comfortable, safe, and certainly sexy, way to relate. Yet, see my note below about the Two of Fire…

Child of Fire (Page of Wands) reminds me again of my creative inner child and how much I love the feeling of being inspired and and inspiring others.

Guardian of Fire (Queen of Wands) is about stoking the fires of creativity. I love exuding my vibrant energy, and sharing it.

Ace of Air (Swords) is a time of experiencing breakthroughs, and taking action with clarity.

* Two of Fire┬áslid from the top, like it wanted to be drawn, perhaps giving me another chance to reflect about my desire to be polyamorous. I want to dispel the assumption that it’s about me wanting to hook up. That’s not something I desire, probably not ever. I also believe that at some point I will want to have one primary partner and lover, but I will want to stay close with my current lovers and/or stay open to new love. Like I said before, love is a choice, and I won’t know how I’ll feel until I’m in that moment. Yet, I am grateful for experiencing myself in new and refreshing ways.


Darcy Rose