As I wrap up several reflections on this last day of Venus retrograde, as she stations, before going direct, I’m trying to make sense of what this whole reflection process has/will mean for me. Yes, each card has it’s own unique truth, but in the end, we make meaning of our lives.

Two of Water (Cups) is about unconditional love, and having your “cup” of love flowing so full and freely that you can to share it with others. I love this card. 😉

Five of Earth (Pentacles) is tough card in that it shows us our own lack mentality, which also showing us that we do actually have the resources to make it through, if we believe in ourselves and are resourceful.

17 The Star is a perfect card for me now, reminding me of how much I’ve healed and much I have to offer.

21 Gaia ~ The World shows me my/our unlimited potential, and of how we have everything need, should we choose to live with presence and gratitude. It’s about integrating was may feel like different aspects of ourselves to give and serve with our whole heart, mind, body and soul.

Six of Fire (Wands), such a theme throughout, shows me how radiant I am when I shine my light and dance my truth.

Seven of Water (Cups) is about having several opportunities, but making a choice, and sticking to it. I feel like this has been what I’ve wanted regarding my career for a long time…

Seven of Air (Swords) is about strategically planning your next move. While on many levels, I’ve have clear intentions for a while now, my planner side has wanted to create a year to two year plan.

Elder of Water (King of Cups) is about living and leading with compassion, being diplomatic and kind.

Five of Air (Swords), the great fear/hope position is about being in conflict and feeling challenged.

9 The Hermit, reflecting our need for personal space and reflection. During this venus retrograde, I feel like I’ve taken waaay more time in my life to reflect than maybe ever before. Yet, the more often this card comes up, I feel like next I need to write my story….


Darcy Rose