With forty tarot reflections, it feels challenging to sum up their significance. They’ve helped me to focus and share my spiritual energy in a way that feels natural and inspiring. I hope that if you’ve chosen to follow my reflections that it’s helped you to gain more insight into the threads of shadow and light that we all experience at different points in our lives (or sometimes all on one day).

Seven of Fire (Wands) this reminds me that now that I’m “done” with all this reflection, it’s time for me to really get the work. While this has been a form of spiritual work, I know that I need to connect and share my energy in the outer world in order to feel fully fulfilled.

Ten of Air (Swords) is a card of completion and letting go. As Jupiter just went into Sagittarius, I feel like I’m obviously past this whole, long, break up phase. I’ve let go of my old life, and the dreams that I once held have been released. Most of all, I’m now officially a new person, and have said goodbye to being Mrs. Cronin (although I do miss having the initials DRC).

Seven of Air (Swords) does represents the new map that I so want to create for my new life and the year ahead.

Ace of Air (Swords), which I got with my first reading, along with the Ace of Earth. are both cards of new beginnings, ideas and creating a new chapter.

Eight of Earth (Pentacles) is about learning, and mastering, which is perfect, as I complete my Imagination Yoga certification and prepare to teach in January.

Ten of Fire (Wands)is a card of taking responsibility, especially for how we’ve been spending our creative energy.

Four of Fire (Wands), here she is again, reminding me of how important my spiritual practices, especially my kundalini yoga are to being me and creating my life purpose.

3 The Gardener (Empress), I’m so happy to see her again, as this card feels like the embodiment of Venus.

Three of Fire (Wands) is a card of expansion and enterprise, which I certainly hope to be my next phase.

Ace of Earth (Pentacles) is a beautiful representation of the New Earth that we are creating, and that I want to lead us to create, manifesting our soul’s desires for union and freedom, while shattering the illusions of the old paradigms of injustice and isolation, fear and judgement. Like any dream that isn’t reality yet, it may be hard to fully see it, but I am certain that we are collectively waking up and have the capacity to reimagine and recreate our world.


Darcy Rose