Greetings, beloved friends and family!

I hope that you enjoyed a restful and cozy winter solstice, and delight in the beauty of the full moon as we celebrate the holidays. The sun is now returning to our lives, and despite the apparent darkness of modern times, there is so much to be grateful and hopeful for.

It was at the winter solstice last year that I decided that it was time to leave my marriage of 18 years. We enjoyed one of the most beautiful Christmases ever, but for me it was with the knowing that it would be the last one together. It took me another ten days of soul searching to make the difficult and irrevocable decision (still not truly have a full plan in place…which took me nearly a year now to figure out along the way…)

This morning, during my virtual kundalini yoga practice with RA MA TV, the instructor, True, talked about the meaning of Solstice and Yule (Jul in Danish), and how Christmas was added onto these celebrations over two hundred years after Jesus’ birth. 

This year, for the first time really, the kids and I truly celebrated Solstice together. We had a fun and restful day of playing as a family. I bought us the game Ticket to Ride. We had been playing the American version with Miel’s family, and I bought us the France/Old West only to realize that it was an expansion game, so headed down to Guardian Games (and amazing game store with 3,000 games!!!) and got the Nordic version. We played for pretty much the whole afternoon and evening, stopping to make hot cocoa, snacks to sustain us, and later pizza. It was indeed more fun and restful than I had even hoped it to be.

Tonight I’ll be hosting my 19th Danish julefrokost, but first on my own. There will be many friends and family who have joined me before, and several new kindred souls. My home is a cozy one, so I had to limit my guest list, but I know that whoever is meant to be there will come. With the full moon and a great night’s sleep, plus yoga, I’m feeling truly excited to welcome everyone. For a long time now, I’ve considered my party to be the most important holiday gift, to my friends and family, and also to myself. Gathering, not just with family but with our chosen family of friends, is really the most important reason for the season.

Peace, Love and Light always,

Darcy Rose

PS I wrote this in the morning, just before the peak of the full moon…the adventures of this day are too long to share here and deserve another post…

PPS I loved my Solstice tarot reading…a very good reflection of how I feel. 🙂