About Darcy

Our West Coast Cronin Clan

Our West Coast Cronin Clan

Hi, I’m Darcy. My “official” title is:

Mother/Coach/Blogger/Business Adventurer 

I’m also a storyteller, volunteer, water-lover, gardener, bicyclist, traveler and Sister.

My Journey

Darcy’s Utopia is like another child of mine. I actually launched the website the day before my youngest daughter, Teagan, was born. For the past three years it’s been more of a passion project than a real business, but I realize now that I need to heal first before I could truly experience my utopia.

After my father suddenly died five years ago, I felt a deep calling to have another child, but knew that I desperately needed more work/life balance. I was working full time with two young kids (then 5 and 2), plus caring a huge lab who triggered my husband’s OCD tendencies. I had taken on managing most of the household, plus community volunteer work, and had virtually no time to myself. When a bully was promoted to be my boss, I needed to find an exit strategy. If the Universe wasn’t sending me enough messages, I broke my ankle on the job.


To back up quite a bit, I grew up in rural Southern Oregon in a small “town” called Days Creek on the South Umpqua that you’d have trouble finding on a map. My family was among an enclave of back-to-land hippies who settled next door to generational loggers and farmers (Check out Counter-Culture Roots). To fast forward a bit, I feel as though my new professional direction is my true calling, similar for me to undeniable urge to become a mother. I am very excited about becoming a parenting coach, and being a vital resource to parents.

I know from personal experience just how busy/hectic family life can get, and how overwhelming parenting can feel when you’ve been pushed too far. But I also know the joy of parenting, and deeply feel that there’s a better way to parent that doesn’t leave us running ragged and inundated with disposable crap. I try to live by the African proverb: We make the path by walking it, together.

My Family

I am a mother of three beautiful bright-eyed children:

  • Teagan, my three-year old daughter, dubbed Sweetie for blogging purposes*
  • Makenna, our 2nd Grade fashionista, dubbed Girly
  • Kieran, our Big Guy, a sports-nut 5th grader

I’ve been married to my Hubby over t years, and despite his occasional growls and perfectionist tendencies, we make an amazing team. Like this blog, our family is always evolving with lots of stories to share and lessons to learn.

We recently moved to Astoria, Oregon love living in this coastal river city, with all the joys of nature nearby. We are an active family, camping and hiking and biking as often as possible, and we are continually planning our next adventure. *The aliases (Sweetie, Girly, Big Guy and Hubby) have been created to enhance their universality, not protect the innocent.


My BIG Coaching Dream

I believe every mama/family deserves more bliss. Yet, deep and lasting bliss doesn’t just happen, we have to create it for ourselves and our families. One of the challenges with modern day parenting is that families are often so busy that we don’t take the time to design our lives by our values. I want to help busy families create paths in alignment with their values as you discover your bliss and create your own unique utopia.

The four pillars of Mama Bliss are Self-Care, Values, Simplicity & Creativity. I want help you amplify (or bring back) your joy by developing deep self care practices, steadily simplify your life bring more presence and ease into your life, help define your family values, and find ways to express your creativity.

Reaching for your deepest dreams and designing your ideal life is a big job, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Coaching is a transformational tool that I feel privileged to share with the world. I’ve been interested in personal growth my entire life, always trying to be the best version on myself. I simply love coaching, and am thrilled to serve some pretty amazing mamas who, like me, are motivated to grow into full bloom, explore the paradoxes of parenthood, and create their bliss.

Thank you for taking the time to connect, share and grow…I look forward to working with you.

Have a beautiful day!


PS If I wasn’t busy enough (yes, I ironic I know, coaches often specialize in areas where they need to learn/grow themselves!), I also blog with my amazing twin sister at Sustainable Family Finances and we own identical twin beach cabins, check them out at Olivia Beach Camp Cabins.

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