About Darcy Rose

Hello, I’m Darcy Rose. 

I’m also a storyteller, activist, volunteer, water-lover, gardener, bicyclist, traveler and Sister.

I am.

I am that I am.

I am here to live, love and speak my truth. I am here to bloom into being Darcy Rose.

I am here to serve as a radiant expression of beauty, grace and inner joy. I am here to connect with whomever crosses my path, walking down the street or stumbling across my website.

I am here to discover and live my spiritual truths, and share them as readily as I am able. I am here to let the words flow through my fingers without fearing what so-called haters and skeptics may want to think.

I am here to radically question the status quo of our culture, and look for and offer solutions to the many messes humanity now faces. I am here to face my own shadows, as they come to my awareness, and to share the many illuminations that empower me and give me hope.

I am writing my next chapter of my life, and helping rewrite the now tragic saga of humankind.

Blessedly, I am not alone. I am traveling this lifetime with many loved ones. I am nurturing three beautiful souls, and I am called to do so in the most present and loving of ways possible. I am certain that it is divine love that will heal, ourselves and the world.

I am still healing and growing, through radical forgiveness. I am empowering myself, and have steadily been listening to my heart and my calling for some time now. I am now finally ready to bloom, no longer fearing vulnerability and rejection with trepidation. I am in touch with my deepest, and until now, most hidden desires.

I am opening my heart to a new paradigm, where love reigns supreme and sovereignty over our spirit and soul is the ultimate accomplishment. I am ready to become the author and authority of my own life.

Thank you for taking the time to connect, share and grow…I look forward to working with you.

Have a beautiful day!

Darcy Rose