Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #40

With forty tarot reflections, it feels challenging to sum up their significance. They’ve helped me to focus and share my spiritual energy in a way that feels natural and inspiring. I hope that if you’ve chosen to follow my reflections that it’s helped you to gain more insight into the threads of shadow and light that we all experience at different points in our lives (or sometimes all on one day).

Seven of Fire (Wands) this reminds me that now that I’m “done” with all this reflection, it’s time for me to really get the work. While this has been a form of spiritual work, I know that I need to connect and share my energy in the outer world in order to feel fully fulfilled.

Ten of Air (Swords) is a card of completion and letting go. As Jupiter just went into Sagittarius, I feel like I’m obviously past this whole, long, break up phase. I’ve let go of my old life, and the dreams that I once held have been released. Most of all, I’m now officially a new person, and have said goodbye to being Mrs. Cronin (although I do miss having the initials DRC).

Seven of Air (Swords) does represents the new map that I so want to create for my new life and the year ahead.

Ace of Air (Swords), which I got with my first reading, along with the Ace of Earth. are both cards of new beginnings, ideas and creating a new chapter.

Eight of Earth (Pentacles) is about learning, and mastering, which is perfect, as I complete my Imagination Yoga certification and prepare to teach in January.

Ten of Fire (Wands)is a card of taking responsibility, especially for how we’ve been spending our creative energy.

Four of Fire (Wands), here she is again, reminding me of how important my spiritual practices, especially my kundalini yoga are to being me and creating my life purpose.

3 The Gardener (Empress), I’m so happy to see her again, as this card feels like the embodiment of Venus.

Three of Fire (Wands) is a card of expansion and enterprise, which I certainly hope to be my next phase.

Ace of Earth (Pentacles) is a beautiful representation of the New Earth that we are creating, and that I want to lead us to create, manifesting our soul’s desires for union and freedom, while shattering the illusions of the old paradigms of injustice and isolation, fear and judgement. Like any dream that isn’t reality yet, it may be hard to fully see it, but I am certain that we are collectively waking up and have the capacity to reimagine and recreate our world.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #39

As I wrap up several reflections on this last day of Venus retrograde, as she stations, before going direct, I’m trying to make sense of what this whole reflection process has/will mean for me. Yes, each card has it’s own unique truth, but in the end, we make meaning of our lives.

Two of Water (Cups) is about unconditional love, and having your “cup” of love flowing so full and freely that you can to share it with others. I love this card. 😉

Five of Earth (Pentacles) is tough card in that it shows us our own lack mentality, which also showing us that we do actually have the resources to make it through, if we believe in ourselves and are resourceful.

17 The Star is a perfect card for me now, reminding me of how much I’ve healed and much I have to offer.

21 Gaia ~ The World shows me my/our unlimited potential, and of how we have everything need, should we choose to live with presence and gratitude. It’s about integrating was may feel like different aspects of ourselves to give and serve with our whole heart, mind, body and soul.

Six of Fire (Wands), such a theme throughout, shows me how radiant I am when I shine my light and dance my truth.

Seven of Water (Cups) is about having several opportunities, but making a choice, and sticking to it. I feel like this has been what I’ve wanted regarding my career for a long time…

Seven of Air (Swords) is about strategically planning your next move. While on many levels, I’ve have clear intentions for a while now, my planner side has wanted to create a year to two year plan.

Elder of Water (King of Cups) is about living and leading with compassion, being diplomatic and kind.

Five of Air (Swords), the great fear/hope position is about being in conflict and feeling challenged.

9 The Hermit, reflecting our need for personal space and reflection. During this venus retrograde, I feel like I’ve taken waaay more time in my life to reflect than maybe ever before. Yet, the more often this card comes up, I feel like next I need to write my story….


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #38

Here I am, at the end of venus’ retrograde, and catching up on the couple of reflections that I didn’t manage to do on the day I drew the cards (because I was reflecting on earlier readings…). I’m hoping that I can put words to how much this time has meant to be personally.

Elder of Air (King of Swords) is about me being my own authority, especially in relationships. I want and need to relate on my own terms, and to listen to and trust my own inner voice.

Three of Air (Swords) is a much more peaceful and purposeful image in this deck, but I feel that it’s important to recognize the grief and heartbreak that is typically shown. On the one day of the retrograde that I truly felt grief, it was such a day of growth.

Five of Earth (Pentacles), likewise, I hope that by recognizing my stories around scarcity, I’ll continue to be able to learn enough to know better, and trust that the Universe truly has my back, and that I am meant to be financially abundant for serving humanity, just not in the typical box society would like me to fit into.

Eight of Fire (Wands), so I need to continue to listen to my intuition, especially on creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Seven of Fire (Wands), and to take inspired action, to persevere.

Explorer of Earth (Knight of Pentacles) inspires me to continue to use my resources well, and be grateful for the abundance that I do have.

6 The Lovers, here again, remind me that love is always a choice. I started out these reflections “coming out” as polyamorous, and I’ve come to see my desires in new ways through these reflections. I realized in talking with a dear friend that I have chosen lovers who are mostly unavailable, for very different reasons. For now, at least, this feel like the most comfortable, safe, and certainly sexy, way to relate. Yet, see my note below about the Two of Fire…

Child of Fire (Page of Wands) reminds me again of my creative inner child and how much I love the feeling of being inspired and and inspiring others.

Guardian of Fire (Queen of Wands) is about stoking the fires of creativity. I love exuding my vibrant energy, and sharing it.

Ace of Air (Swords) is a time of experiencing breakthroughs, and taking action with clarity.

* Two of Fire slid from the top, like it wanted to be drawn, perhaps giving me another chance to reflect about my desire to be polyamorous. I want to dispel the assumption that it’s about me wanting to hook up. That’s not something I desire, probably not ever. I also believe that at some point I will want to have one primary partner and lover, but I will want to stay close with my current lovers and/or stay open to new love. Like I said before, love is a choice, and I won’t know how I’ll feel until I’m in that moment. Yet, I am grateful for experiencing myself in new and refreshing ways.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #37

Lots of fire and earth…Look closely…a little foot snuck in. 😉

7 The Canoe (Chariot) takes swifts actions. Funny enough, I’ve gotten this card several times, and yet, somehow this morning I finally truly noticed the leaping orcas.

9 The Hermit reminds that sometimes taking time to yourself to reflect, like how I’ve done during this retrograde, may be the only way to find your truth.

5 The Teacher (Hierophant) continues to show up, as I finish my certification and prepare to teach Imagination Yoga.

Eight of Fire (Wands) is takes swifts creative action.

Child of Earth (Page of Pentacles) is ready to learn how to manifest their desires, and create true abundance.

Seven of Air (Swords) is about taking strategic and thoughtful action to map out your path.

Two of Fire (Wands) merges creative energy to become more than we could on our own.

Explorer of Earth (Knight Pentacles) is becoming skilled at using their resources wisely, and prioritizing what abundance really means.

Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is reaping of all we’ve sown, experiencing the fruits of our labor.

Three of Earth (Pentacles) is about connecting with others to manifest a deeper and broader sense of wealth of spirit.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #36

Whew, I feel a complete energy today. Like I’m through the proverbial woods.

I have to admit that once I some unavoidably full days and fell a bit behind with my reflections, I got into a “bad” rhythm of writing my reflections at night, nearing exhaustion. Thankfully, I never felt truly begrudging about writing/posting, but if you’ve followed my posts, I’m sure you could tell that they got shorter and shorter. I still put as much as I could into each post, but on some days, I barely had the energy to give.

Yet, between having a wonderful weekend with my daughters (plus my “Fair Daughter” Maddy and our new exchange student, Eva, from Germany), and experiencing an amazing 11/11/11 New Earth Day, I’ve felt a whole new level of energy. So, even though it’s already past 9:30, which for me is late, since I wake up by 5 for yoga/meditation, I am feeling so completely inspired to share my reflections. 🙂

Seven of Earth (Pentacles) has new meaning today, as my Rama TV kundalini yoga practice this morning included a special mini lecture at the very end from an astrologer named Remington, who Guru Jagat has interviewed before. He shared his insights about the extraordinary significance of 11/11/2018. I felt in awe when he shared of how this time is really about planting seeds for creating our soul’s deepest desires, and that by planting them on 11/11, and in this lingering energy that continues, we have such an incredible opportunity to manifest. He described how we don’t need to worry about everything all set in motion at this point, but simply a true clarity (and I’m sure he would agree has come from both the mars and venus retrogrades in different ways).

0 The Seeker (Fool), again, feels like such a perfect reflection of this energy. We are all creating a New Earth, and our journey is truly just beginning.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords) “happens” to be in same exact position as yesterday. I wish I knew the exact odds of this (I should ask my brother-in-law, because I bet he could calculate it in his head…just like how he counts cards). It feels so amazing, as I truly do feel such a new energy around recreating my career and way I want to serve humanity.

14 The Star, at the conscious position in the layout, reminds me of just how incredibly important it is that I share my wisdom/healing, and remember my own natural state of being a “star,” serving as a spiritual bridge between heaven and the New Earth.

Explorer of Earth (Knight of Pentacles) has an energy of being responsible for all that one manifests, and truly understanding the concept of reaping what we sow. Again, I felt such an amazing momentum shift today, being ready to take on tasks that just last week seemed hard, despite me knowing that there were each relatively small baby step. It’s not that I felt overwhelmed or anxious before, but I also didn’t feel completely motivated. Today, with literally every action, I felt as though it mattered. I went through my day in such a meditative flow state, while getting a record number of errands and tasks accomplished. I felt like “myself” again, only even better, because I was no longer anxious.

Elder of Water (King of Cups) is an archetype of overflowing love, especially self love, which inevitably gets reflected back to you, even if “just” while sailing through life solo. I love the wisdom and flow that this card embodies.

Five of Fire (Wands), like since my first tarot reflection in this venus retrograde series, I know that writing/speaking publicly, and coming out of the closet spiritually, needs to be a core aspect of my soul’s new path.

Five of Earth (Pentacles), yet interestingly, my shadow side still lingers (with the repeated presence of the Five of Earth and Five of Cups and the Devil/Bindweed). Interestingly, I realize that with this position about how people in my life perceive my life/finances. I’ve made the mistake of talking about my current finances with a few close friends/family, and now even though I don’t honestly feel huge financial stress, I feel worry/concern from them. It’s more that I’m in a space of feeling like I need to question every small expense, which is more taxing to me than wanting something expensive and not being able to afford it. At least with something “big,” I always feel motivation around saving for it and like it’s not such a sacrifice, yet holding firm on telling my girls that they can’t get something at the store tonight takes much more discipline. Plus, I don’t want them to worry about our finances, but near to clear on our spending limits.

Nine of Fire (Wands) is, again and again, such a beautiful card reflecting my/our collective ascension, and how wonderful it feels to tap into our own energy. This morning, during my kundalini practice, I truly felt the energy spiraling in my midspine, which along with the two cups of caffeinated coffee I drank at Rotary this morning, have left me buzzing all day long. 🙂

1 The Magician, and yes, I have felt the Magician energy today. Ready to use every tool and resource at my fingertips to gracefully take action, trusting that I can manifest anything I truly desire. Part of my excitement today was that after my Portland Pearl Rotary Club meeting (7:25 on Tuesdays at Ecotrust, in case you ever want to be my guest), and dropping my kids at school, I went straight back downtown to get my fingerprints for a background check so that I can become certified in Imagination Yoga, which has feeling such a sense of purpose. And while I was there, with my new name, I decided that it was time to get passport photos taken. It made me giddy to think about traveling, and all the possibilities ahead of me. One of the main reasons that I want to earn extra money, beyond having a true sense of financial freedom, is that I really want to save up for a big trip with my kids in 2020. Yet, I truly hadn’t given myself permission to consider traveling before then on my own, even though I have lots of frequent flyer miles, and have friends abroad who I could stay with and make for an inexpensive trip…. After being mentally/emotionally blocked for so long, this newfound energy feels truly amazing, and I’m excited to see where it will take me…


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #35

Finishing a beautiful (crisp!) long weekend with lots of girl fun.

Child of Water (Page of Cups) has been a central theme several times during this retrograde period, reminding me again and again of my truly youthful nature. Even though I believe that I convinced myself to grow up fast, I know that I’m a light hearted kid at heart.

Nine of Fire (Wands), again, affirming the ascension process that I’ve been experiencing, and how important it is that I start to share my story and help others on their journeys.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords), again brings clarity to my career desire to serve as a teacher and guide, inspiring social change, by creating new cultural models.

1 Magician is the archetype who consistently takes inspired action, juggling and manifesting multiple things at once.

11 Justice, with such demeanor of equanimity, is ready to right wrongs and act with integrity to create social change.

7 The Canoe (The Chariot) is ready to simply take action, and swiftly. It reminds me of the adage about how mama ducks don’t wait for their ducks to fully get in a row, but they simply jump into the pond (after sufficient cues, surely).

Elder of Fire (King of Wands) is such a beautiful card, especially during the thin veil of this season. It represents a natural born leader, who uses creative vision and intuition.

Four of Water (Cups) continues to remind me to fully feel my feelings (not just think about and observe them, as is my natural inclination). It also makes me realize just how important my tarot reflections have been to my personal/spiritual growth.

Eight of Air (Swords) in the Gaian deck is all about listening and sharing, which is interesting, given that the original cards have a blindfolded woman who can’t see how she is bound, likewise needing to figure her way out of suffering.

Eight of Earth (Pentacles) is about developing your skills, and networking to create success.

The Awakening card simply keep sliding off the top of the deck when I sat in down, and I couldn’t help but flip it over. Yes…still that season, indeed.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #34

Beautiful. with the new moon energy.

18 The Moon has such a powerful energy, though in a receptive and reflective way. It’s amazing how much our culture has disconnected itself from such a pervasive influence on our lives.

7 The Canoe is here again, showing just how ready I am to move forward with my life.

Six of Fire (Wands), likewise, continues to shine her light. In the lighting, the fire almost looks real.

Seven of Earth (Pentacles) is ready to plant new and nurture new manifestations.

14 Temperance is here to remind me of my role of melding my life to share love and light.

5 The Teacher (Hierophant) is such a serene and joyful spiritual guide whose mere presence can be a teacher.

Five of Water (Cups) is my shadow side, once again, somehow doubting my own offerings.

Three of Fire (Wands) is here to collaborate creatively and share passion and energy with willing partners.

Four of Fire (Wands) is another affirmation of my kundalini practice and spiritual practices.

Four of Water (Cups), likewise, is another theme of this retrograde, asking that I feel my feelings and use it to recreate who and how I am, especially in relationship. The more I learn about Cancer, which is my moon and ruled by the moon, which shapes the oceans, I realize how much our vulnerable and willingness to go with the flow of life truly empowers us.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #33

Explorer of Air (Knight of Swords) continues to rise above to gain a higher view, and gain a clearer vision.

Five of Earth (Pentacles) continues to remind me that despite my money worries, I do in fact have the resources to be secure and the resilience to thrive even with perceived scarcity.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords), again, as a Gemini air sign, this card feels like my true calling. I love she is sharing a deep message through her presence alone.

Seven of Fire (Wands), again, affirms the momentum that I feel from the “hard work” (baby steps) that I’ve been doing to persevere and rebuild my life.

Four of Water (Cups) has been showing up a lot lately as well, I believe to help reminds me of how important it is for me to really feel my emotions, and reflect on their root causes.

4 The Builder (Emperor) also points to rebuilding my foundation on all levels.

14 Temperance points to creating a new synergy, embracing all aspects of myself, to create a new and fuller version of myself.

10 of Air (Swords) is a card of loss and letting go. While I’ve been happy for my freedom, there are moments where I do miss the family we were at our best, and I wish my kids were never inconvenienced for my personal needs.

18 The Moon reflects the feminine power and wisdom that I have begun to embrace and explore. In particular, I love my somewhat newfound awareness of the moon’s cycles and understanding how she/they influence our lives.

16 The Tower is a card of sudden change. Often times when I get this card, I already know on some level what it’s “about,” even though it’s not yet truly revealed. At this moment, I’m curious because it could mean a myriad of changes…only time will tell…


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #32

11 Justice, again a central theme in many of my retrograde readings, is such a calling for me. So many of our social systems perpetuate injustice, and we can’t even live in modern socioeconomic structure without harming our environment. This card is also about being in alignment with your higher self, and as long as that’s the case, justice will prevail…

Five of Earth (Pentacles) reminds me of our “known” or perceived limitations. Even though I am grateful to be barely making ends without a traditional job, I have still felt scarcity since my safety net was spent on the closing costs for my new home. Plus, I dream of traveling with my kids in the not so distant future, and know that I need to start earning money to save up and not stress about small unexpected expenses that add up.

Ten of Fire (Wands) is a card of burden and responsibility. Without a job for the past nine months, I’ve put pressure on myself to provide for my family.

Two of Fire (Wands), again, reminds me of my simmering romances, and my desire to connect on an energetic level. In this card, they are looking deeply into each others’ eyes, which is such a turn on for me.

14 Temperance is a card about patiently and creatively melding different aspects of yourself, yet lately as I’ve pulled it repeatedly, it feels like being a spiritual bridge and helping to connect heaven and Earth.

Ace of Air (Swords) is a about taking action on a new idea, and having the drive to not just initiate, but to ultimately be successful.

Three of Earth (Pentacles) is a card of collaboration and partnership, and always makes me feels grateful for my Sisters.

4 The Builder (Emperor) is popping up for the first time during this venus retrograde phase. He is an obviously masculine figure, and represents the establishment and existing structures.

Seven of Fire (Wands) is a card of hard work and perseverance. While I am not about to complain about my life, I do hold the belief that to become who I am is going to require a lot more perseverance.

20 Awakening (Judgement) is such an beautiful and peaceful symbol of individual and collective awakening. I’m definitely feeling my vibration rising nearly every morning/night. I believe that we are evolving into the Aquarian age, and there are many of us who happen to lead the shift. I’ve gotten this card as my “outcome” several times, and it always inspires me.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #31

Here, on election night and the eve of the new moon in Scorpio, I’m feeling divine timing. Lately I’ve had to deal with a lot of pesky admin tasks related to changing my name to Darcy Rose. yet I can feel such a relief. It’s as though everything I accomplish lately feels profound, no matter how menial.

Four of Fire (Wands) again and again, I know just how essential my spiritual practices affects the rest of my life and creates my path to becoming Darcy Rose.

Four of Water (Cups), similarly, self care and emotional presence/awareness are so key to being able to go with the flow, ending self judgement and practicing real gratitude.

10 The Wheel , again, as a Gemini sun and Cancer moon and Libra rising, I love the changing of seasons. Our conscious evolution is why we are all here, and it happens season by season, personal shift by shift.

9 The Hermit, with daylight saving’s time, and the darkness that descends faster each day, I am feeling a calling to really cozy up and write like I haven’t for months…

Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is a card of abundance, security and the feeling of wealth. Even though, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around my new budget, I am very grateful for the base level of security that I do have.

Explorer of Air (Knight of Swords) is full of energy, and needs more vantage to balance passionate ideas.

Ace of Water (Cups), again, is a card of new love and overflowing emotions.

16 Lightning (The Tower) is a card of radical change. While some may fear change, I tend to anticipate it so much, and despite my relative patience, I am utterly relieved when it comes.

Six of Fire (Wands) reveals herself again, reminding me of why I have every reason to be confident about simply being myself, and trusting in my creative energy.

21 Gaia The World, likewise, is such an incredibly beautiful “outcome” card. I’ve been adding more and more prayers to mother Earth into my yoga practice and meditations lately, and it’s felt so empowering to put out such heartfelt intentions, knowing that we all have the power to heal ourselves and the Earth.


Darcy Rose