Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #30

Two of Earth (Pentacles) is about prioritizing between multiple practical demands. As a mom, “working” or not, I’m often struggling on some levels to prioritize my needs.

Five of Water (Cups) is a card of disappointment and regret. For me, this card feels most connected to my disappointment about not having a smoother/faster career transition. It first came up repeatedly when I was trying to find work in Astoria, and I realize that for myself, a good deal of my sense of purpose comes from my work. So, despite being plenty busy between the kids and my new home (and previously my divorce, home sales/purchases, and moves…), I have a hard time feeling a full sense of purpose without a clear career trajectory.

Ten of Water (Cups) Yet, this nagging feeling is weird given that I’m otherwise spiritually happier than I’ve been for a very long time. I feel contented with my relationships and grateful for all the love I experience in my life.

10 Wheel of Fortune points, again, to the turning point that my life is still at, and the clearly changing seasons. I dropped off my sister at the airport today and was taken aback to see snowflakes everywhere.

Four of Water (Cups) first came up the other day on All Souls’ Day, when I felt grief in a way that I hadn’t in a long time. Even as I was crying and feeling the waves of sorrow, I was grateful for allowing myself to simply feel the loss, and to learn from my emotional experience.

Explorer of Earth (Knight of Pentacles) is about hard work and productivity. After this weird emotional limbo stage, I would welcome both.

Six of Earth (Pentacles) is about reciprocity, giving and receiving. I am a naturally generous person, and aside from have freedom and peace of mind, I most want to become wealthy so that I could be a philanthropist and give to causes and create ideas that I believe in.

Elder of Earth (King of Pentacles) is able to do just that; create truly abundant and sustainable resources.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords), again, this card really feels like me in my career groove, tuning into my spiritual and creative gifts, and sharing them with my words, both via speaking and writing.

Seven of Air (Swords) with the new moon on the horizon, I am eager to really create a new vision for my life…


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #29

Again, the same cards magically are drawn to the surface. I usually shuffle and then draw directly from the top of the deck, and only occasionally feel called to draw an extra. The themes of this venus retrograde remain the same: acknowledging my shadows of doubt, so that I may shine my inner light. On this reading almost all the page/child cards reflect the stage of growth that I’m experiencing on some levels…baby steps.

Child of Water (Page of Cups) is a beautiful reminder of my/our inner child: full of curiosity and possibility.

Six of Fire (Wands), here again, dances victoriously before her tribe.

Child of Fire (Page of Wands) is one of free spirit and enthusiasm. Ready for exploration and discovery.

Child of Air (Page of Swords) is curious, mentally energetic and ready to express their mind.

10 The Wheel , again, shows the turning point that I feel strongly at this moment in my life. So much has changed in the past, yet, I’m ready for another shift.

14 Temperance, which has come up again and again, is about creating balance and moderation. It’s about purposefully melding seemingly different parts of yourself, and having patience to witness the alchemy.

Nine of Fire (Wands), for the upteenth time, is about having courage and persistence in testing your faith. It’s also a card of resilience and perseverance.

Ten of Air (Swords) is a card of completing a very challenging phase. It’s about loss and defeat. Interesting, here in what other people in your life think, I often experience that people have their own experience/baggage about divorce. They tend to want to give me their condolences. It’s a balance though, as I don’t want to dwell on the past.

Five of Water (Cups), again, part of the thread for the past week, I have felt disappointed by not getting the career opportunities that I had hoped for, most of all, I just want to get back in a phase where I feel like I’m fully contributing.

9 The Hermit retreats to be with themselves for a time of introspection and soul-searching. Inner guidance is revealed when you take time to listen to yourself. In many ways, I’ve become much more of a hermit type since becoming single. I love having time for myself, after years of not having enough.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #28

Such intriguing times. This retrograde feels like being at a precipice, on the edge of moving into a new age.

Five of Earth (Pentacles) This card of financial worry and loss certainly rings true. The final closing costs to buy my home took away my safety net, and even though on one level I’m grateful for the income/support that I have, I’m much closer to being in debt than I wish I was. Unless something changes soon, I will likely have to tap into some of my retirement.

Seven of Fire (Wands) That “something” is me taking action on a couple of fronts create a sustainable income. I applied for an exciting job, meanwhile I’m working to complete my yoga certification.

1 The Magician is perfect for manifesting through inspired action that I’ve been experiencing, although here in venus retrograde, it feel like baby steps.

15 Bindweed (The Devil), again, this card was central to divorce, and the feeling of being trapped. I feel like I’m still making two steps forward and one step back when it comes to coparenting, but I believe that progress is being made, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

19 The Sun is ready to shine her radiant light. Even though it was cloudy today, I felt an inner sunshine.

Six of Fire (Wands) dances with grace once more…ready to serve her tribe with her unique talents.

Ace of Earth (Pentacles) is the ideal card for getting a new job or career opportunity. Fingers crossed.

7 The Canoe is harnessing everything to powerfully move forward.

Eight of Air (Swords), in the greatest fear position, is usually blindfolded and fear isolation and imprisonment. For me, both are real fears.

Nine of Fire (Wands) gives me more and more courage and faith that I am on my divine spiritual path. Thank Goddess.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #27

Interestingly, here are venus finished her phase of retrograding through Scorpio, I found myself getting completely behind on my tarot reflections. I’ve still happily been reading each day, just finding it hard to catch up since I let myself miss a day on my wine country retreat…. But now that I’m a few days behind, and Venus has retrograded in Libra, I find myself just wanting to feel/be caught up. Reflecting about days passed doesn’t feel as authentic, even though they have continued to reveal more and more inner truth.

Six of Earth (Pentacles) is a card of generosity and feeling overflowing abundance. One of my “happy places” is going to the market. The Astoria Sunday Market became my favorite afternoon. I love connecting with crafters and farmers, the last time I went I felt particularly generous and bought several gifts.

7 The Canoe, which continues to comes up again, is absolutely how I’ve been feeling. It’s exciting to restart my life, and I’m happy to start to feel momentum.

18 The Moon I believe is a misunderstood card. It’s always been associated with feminine energy, but instead of focusing on intuition and going with the flow, it’s often said that it’s about inner confusion and anxiety. Yet, I don’t believe that it’s a bad thing to change your mind, based on new information and living with an open heart and mind.

Ten of Earth (Pentacles), is a card of financial security and long term success. It’s also about supporting your family, and having the ability to leave a legacy.

Two of Fire (Wands), again, is a steamy card is about discovering our creative potential.

Ace of Water (Cups), again, is about overflowing unconditional love, which always starts with self love.

Ten of Water (Cups), for the second day in a row, is about experiencing harmony and alignment with divine love.

Elder of Fire (King of Wands), again, is about being a natural and intuitive leader.

Three of Water (Cups) is my “Sisters” card, always reminding me to celebrate and be grateful for friendship.

Guardian of Earth (Queen of Pentacles) is one of the only cards that I wish were different in this deck, while I appreciate the fact that they give the “Elder” status to the feminine figure, I’ve always connected with the Queen of Pentacles. It’s about providing for your family, and giving your nurturing stability.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #26

The reading is so spot on, as I finish up my Imagination Yoga certification. The Bindweed in the support/detract position reminds me that only I have a fear that somehow my dreams come true. Yet, I also know that the Sun and the Empress and Magician is how I’ll feel once my dream of becoming a yoga teacher comes true.

5 The Teacher

15 Bindweed (The Devil)

19 The Sun

Six of Fire (Wands)

3 The Gardener

1 The Magician

9 The Hermit

Ace of Air (Swords)

Three of Earth (Pentacles)

Child of Fire (Wands)

Again, I’m catching up on my reflections, and keeping my notes short. For longer descriptions of these same cards, check out other earlier posts…


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflections #25

Elder of Fire (King of Wands) reflects a natural born leader, especially in creative endeavors.

Six of Fire (Wands) is ready to shine and shimmer her radiant creative light.

Ten of Air (Swords) is a card of defeat, loss and letting go.

Four of Water (Cups) is time for meditation and reevaluation…perfect for any planetary retrograde.

Eight of Air (Swords) in typical tarot decks is a card of isolation and feeling trapped, yet in the Gaian deck, it’s about joining ideas and sharing thoughts.

Ace of Air (Swords) is about clarity and mental breakthroughs.

9 The Hermit is about going through your own soul searching to find inner guidance. Trusting that being by yourself is what you need to shine your inner light.

Child of Earth (Pentacles) is about manifesting in the material world, building skills to sustain yourself.

Elder of Water (King of Cups) is about being emotionally balanced and living with compassion.

Ten of Water (Cups) is a glorious card of divine love, alignment and harmony. It reminds me of the Gandhi quote on my mirror: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in Harmony.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #24

Here she is again…

Explorer of Fire (Knight of Wands) invites me to strut my creative stuff and step into my own light.

Five of Water (Cups) is my lingering self doubt and lack of emotional clarity around my life vision.

Four of Fire (Wands) reminds me that my spiritual work is indeed work, and that this foundation is essential to recreating my life.

8 Strength, continues to show up day after day, reminding me that my feminine energy and power is needed.

Five of Air (Swords) is a card of battle…despite us both wanting to move on, I got yet another email from my ex with a laundry list of “issues” from his perspective…he wants me to be more grateful, yet continues to be self-centered, and expect a tit for tat relationship. It’s exhausting to deal with, and I wish that I could communicate without all the struggle.

Three of Fire (Wands), again, flashes her smile, and beckons me to create something beautiful.

Two of Earth (Pentacles), again, juggles the ups and downs of life with grace and resourcefulness.

7 The Canoe (Chariot) is a card of momentum, and harnessing your energy. Usually the chariot has a white and black horses who seem like they are different to go in different directions, but the chariot driver is confidently urging them forward.

Seven of Water (Cups) in the same theme of the 7, this card is about wanting/needing to move forward, yet from an emotional perspective.

Two of Air (Swords), again, is about not knowing how to move forward, and needing to find mental peace in order to decide with your intuition.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #23

I have journals of my tarot readings for the past 18 years, and I’ve been taking photos regularly for the past two years, but I’ve never reflected at this level. It’s amazing to me how consistent the cards always are…

10 The Wheel While so much has transformed in the past year, I still feel as though my life is ready to shift to whole new place following this retrograde (and Pluto going into Sagittarius).

Child of Water reminds me to embrace my childhood wonder and desire to love unconditionally.

13 Death Especially since Mars was in retrograde, as I’ve begun to really set up my new home and family, I’ve been letting go of all that no longer served/serves me. I’ve become more and more aware of my ego and how it influences my decisions, both big and small. It’s a process, one conscious step at a time.

Explorer of Fire (Knight of Wands) is where I want to be, living creatively and unapologetically.

8 Strength is about tapping into my own power. It’s about trusting in my own convictions and intuition, having faith.

20 Awakening, again, is the card that comes just before The World. We all need to be woken up before we can truly appreciate The World that is ours for the creating. I believe that for many of us, who are in the awakening process, are already ascending a brighter state of enlightenment.

18 Bindweed (The Devil), yet, that’s not to say that we all don’t have moments or days that make us feel trapped in whatever past suffering/anxiousness that somehow feels present in the moment. For me, my biggest struggle has been to clearly define what I want my career/life to really look like. It’s been hard to have so many desires/options, and yet not be fully moving forward.

Six of Fire (Wands), once again, implores me to step out onto my own stage.

17 The Star, again, begs that I shine my own brilliant light. It also affirms that I have needed this year to heal and transform.

Five of Fire (Wands), again and again, insists that I speak my voice/truth.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #22

Wild. It’s amazing to see such similar patterns rising up to the top of my deck, day after day. Given that today I hosted a small housewarming pumpkin carving party, I’m going to challenge myself to a one sentence description per card.

Five of Fire (Wands) demands me to speak my truth.

Two of Water (Cups) reflects the unconditional love that I want to give and share.

3 The Empress shows the abundant feminine nature that I want to embody.

Four of Water (Cups) is about being emotionally stuck, focusing on lack instead of what you do have going for you.

Three of Fire (Wands) is about creative planning for the future, and starting to put plans in play.

Two of Air (Swords), again, is about being in a mental stalemate, and reminds me of being in limbo regarding my career for so long.

Child of Water (Page of Cups) is about feeling open to possibilities, and intuitively following your calling.

Elder of Earth (Pentacles) is adept at creating true sustainability and abundance.

0 The Seeker is ready to explore and create through this journey called life, unencumbered by karmic baggage.

The Priestess reminds me that I meant to become a feminine spiritual leader, and simply need to continue to tap into my own priestess powers.

Nice, happy to be sharing, especially short and sweet tonight. 😉


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #21

I’ve honestly had a very very full day (after a fun night out for a friend’s 50th, I picked up the girls from their sleepover at their cousin’s to go volunteer with Growing Gardens on a team with my Rotary club, then going straight to a football game, shopping at three stores, making dinner and baking cookies…). It was all mostly ideal, except for getting the girls to bed late, and simply being too tired to reflect at any length.

20 Awakening While I love my life/kids, looking back on my day, my favorite part was taking a cold shower and feeling invigorated afterward. I’ve been finishing my showers cold for a while now, but this morning upped the ante by doing full “kundalini style” hydrotherapy.

21 Gaia The World Is the feeling of whole and happy, like nothing in the world needs to change. I love moments and days like this. 🙂

Nine of Water (Cups) is a card of satisfaction, but still wishing/dreaming of more.

Ten of Fire (Wands) is about having survived/thrived through was could be seen as devastating. Enough said.

Seven of Air (Swords), again, encouraging me to map out my life path again…more on that soon…

Explorer of Air (Swords), again, is about getting a higher vantage, thinking about what’s best from a meta perspective.

Two of Air (Swords) is about contemplating different life options, and listening to your intuition.

Four of Air (Swords) a time of rest and being, not pushing too much. Developing new mental construct for our lives.

Elder of Air (Swords) has mastery over their mind and intuition.

Seven of Water (Cups) is about accepting and embracing where we are in life, and how we feel. Sometimes when my kids act out, and lately Teagan has taken fits to a new level, since starting Kindergarten and missing her naps….she got one today, I wish that I had too. 😉


Darcy Rose