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Darcy's Utopia Right Brain Business Plan

Darcy’s Utopia Right Brain Business Plan

I just passed my one year anniversary since I registered my business, Darcy’s Utopia. It felt like a huge leap of faith, and it still does. Every step feels like it requires courage that I didn’t have the day before, but I know that if I’m pushing my own boundaries that I’m moving in the right direction. Lately I’m feeling blissed out just by the idea of helping fellow Mamas, and each Mama I connect with simply makes my day.

The collage pic to the right is the first page from my Right Brain Business Plan. I developed my “business plan” while I was pregnant, and I barely want to admit how much time I spent clipping through magazines to find inspiration for my yet-to-be-born business. I spent months asking myself questions about how I was going to bring my services into the world.

In those early months of starting my business (while on maternity leave), I kept the image of planting seeds in my mind. I tried to have patience, knowing that all natural systems take time to flourish.

So, I smiled to myself this week when two women reached out to me about hosting Simplicity Parenting workshops, both of whom I had talked with last spring but the timing didn’t work. Now, the timing feels better than ever, as I feel my momentum gaining with each small action step.

Becoming a Mama Bliss Coach feels like such the perfect fit that in hindsight I wonder why it took me so long to find this calling. The other day I decided that I finally needed to start printing up some stuff and use a binder, so I found an old binder in the basement (a very nice purple one). I had to smile because inside was at pages full of coaching questions that I was asking myself at least five years ago.

It used to be that self-help was an entirely solo venture. People would thumb through used books on their own quest toward becoming the best version of themselves. Then seminars, like Landmark Education became a powerful way to break through your own barriers (I did the Forum back in 2002). Somewhere along the way Coaching became more and more common, with less of a stigma than traditional therapy. I like to say that therapy is all about how your past is affecting your present, but coaching is about how the present affects your future.

I’ll soon be launching my first full-fledged coaching package (beyond individual sessions, and with a great deal of benefits/bonuses). I’m sooo excited to be finally getting myself services out into the world and can hardly wait to connect with all the lovely mamas who could use some extra bliss.

Wishing you Mama Bliss!


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