Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #15

Four of Fire (Wands) is revealing herself again, and asking me to share more about my spiritual practices. Funny enough, I just started listening to Father Martin’s sermon, and of all things he’s talking about taboos. He opened the sermon sharing about a woman who asked pure strangers about what their favorite sexual position, and people answered enthusiastically. Then she asked how much money people have in their bank account, and people were appalled. If I may digress, I really do believe that the taboos of money, sex and spirituality are all things I want to write and talk about. I’ve already written about all my/our money stories: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3acollege money storiesbefore becoming a Croninafter marriage before kidsafter kids, and about questioning this cultural taboo. So, back to my spiritual practices…even though I have been to Grace Memorial Episcopal Church since just after Easter, I would like to share that my Easter experience was nothing short of revelatory. Having started to attend the church when Kieran was toddler and I was soon to be pregnant with Makenna, we decided to join wanting our kids to have a spiritual tradition, experience and community (as explained in a previous reflection, it was a middle ground between his Catholic upbringing and my more voluntary self-inspired Methodist route).  Now that I’m divorced, I feel like I am in a whole new territory of figuring out was works for me, as well as somehow trying to convey this to my children. I need to take more time to dig deeper, perhaps in a series of posts, like I dig with my money stories, because it’s a long and ongoing story…

Child of Fire (Wands) It’s also an exciting journey, and despite it getting darker and darker each morning, as I wake by 5 a.m., if I’m actually well rested, I naturally around 4, which is when it’s thought that spiritual awakening happens most readily, and is certainly something that I can attest to…I mean on a practical level, I try not to look at being a mom or head of household as mundane, but I don’t honestly have many epiphanies when I’m taking care of household stuff. Plus, there is something magical about lighting a candle in the dark, just like the feeling in this card.

Ace of Water (Cups), again and again, is such a feeling of new life and love. It’s one of my favorite feelings: overflowing love and gratitude. Being blissful for simply being.

Five of Water (Cups) Ironically, the fog from this morning is starting to burn off. It felt so unexpected, especially since I’ve barely experienced fog since moving from Astoria, where it could engulf my whole river view. As I shared before, I got this card a lot as I went through that personal time of fogginess. Today, I believe that she is coming up top with the Death card to help me through my private feelings of self-doubt and wanting to live a higher purpose beyond myself and my family. I just had another counseling session where I was able to voice how it’s felt to be so indecisive about my new life path. At my heart, I know that I’ve known all along that I can’t go back to living/working in a cube, but I’ve still been struggling to have the self worth and confidence that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. I think one of my biggest obstacles though is my desire to connect deeper with other people and to feel of service. Without that higher purpose, it’s hard for me to feel truly myself.

Three of Air (Swords) is a place where I feel myself, like writing now. On one level, I do my best to write without any preconceived notions of what it will accomplish, yet I type so fast that it’s a really gratifying exercise and hard for me to finish writing practically anything without feeling a sense of accomplishment. I remember back when I was working as a Facilities Services Specialist for the Portland Water Bureau…I had been out of graduate school for a few years, and didn’t realize how much I missed writing. I carefully crafted a memo giving an update on a situation regarding a cell site lease on one of the towers. When I got done, I was inexplicably proud, as though it was some piece of poetry that moved me. For me, my desire to be a writer, and someday author, is really about the pleasure in the process, not the product. It’s the harmony I feel and connected with my sense of purpose.

12 The Tree (The Hanged Man) Interestingly, this major arcana card comes just before the Death card, and is all about letting go and surrendering. At this point, I know that I need to surrender to my buried feelings of fear and insecurity, of worrying that others don’t believe that I deserve my beautiful and amazing life, and may be jealous or hurtful when I finally accept myself enough to truly shine my/our inner light. Gaian affirmation: “I find serenity in surrendering to the great Mystery.”

Six of Air (Swords) Sixes, in connection with The Lovers, is all about union and community, and creating together. With air, the mind is active, and wanting to share ideas and connect with like minds.

Six of Earth (Pentacles), likewise, is about about exchanging resources and building up wealth and abundance, together. I truly believe that competition and survival of the fittest is where our patriarchal system has led us the most astray from our natural human instinct to act with generosity and reciprocity.

Seven of Water (Cups) is such a welcomed card in this reading, as I really am ready to take action on my dreams. For many months now I’ve applied for many jobs, and with each application, I’ve envisioned myself in that position and taking on that role successfully. I’ve only applied for jobs that felt in alignment with my life and goals, which has meant that I’ve been selective. Yet, that’s also meant that I’ve poured even more of myself and my hopes into each potential opportunity, which in some sense has meant for a lot of wasted energy. But I know that I needed to go through that long phase of indecisiveness in order to really understand why and how my dream is my dream. I appreciate this affirmation: “I open my hole heart to my dream.”

13 Death, beyond any creative outlet for this reflection series, is really my hope for this venus retrograde season. I’ve already let go of so much of my old life, since Jupiter when into Scorpio a year ago. That was when I knew on a spiritual level that the proverbial honeymoon was over. My process of separating and divorcing is a much longer story, and while physically we’ve been separated for 10 months now, I can see through counseling how much I’ve held onto his judgements and feared his reactions to me truly my own authentic life. I believe that we all attract the soul mates we need, not necessarily want. I don’t ever want to blame my ex or to make me out to be a saint, because I’ve surely been a mirror to his own issues, and hopefully helped us both see how we can be better people in new relationships. With that said, I feel that it’s past time to share my feelings… It’s taking a LOT of healing to deprogram myself from 18 years together, and believing that I wasn’t free to be myself, and that I was unworthy, and I couldn’t be successful earning money on my own, and that no one would value what I offer or worse that my “big mouth” would make the world want to ostracize me. Yet, I know that just because he didn’t truly see/understand/value me, beyond serving him (and I don’t want to claim that he didn’t try, he did, but true love and acceptance is something you do naturally), doesn’t mean that’s the truth.

What does feel true is that I am a very lucky person, especially as a woman, to live in a day and age when women are finally being listened to and acknowledged for the powerfully receptive and creative energy that we offer. I know that I have spiritual and practical gifts that I am just beginning to tap into, and that by shedding light on the cultural taboos of Piscean Age, that I can help us all shift into the Age of Aquarius, truly the dawning of a new culture. Life as as we know it is about the change, and I believe for the better: “Aquarius is visionary and creative, but rebellious, too. Aquarius’ job is to challenge authority, tear down existing structures, and replace the outdated with something better.” Yes, please.

Ok, plenty of reflecting for one day…Happy Friday!


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #14

Once again, there are plenty of reoccurring themes in this reading, with every card except the Eight of Air having repeated at least once in the past two weeks.

Child of Earth (Page of Pentacles) is creating a foundation for abundance, and being responsible for resources. As someone who wrote avidly for my Sustainable Family Finances for years, I truly believe that our money matters because it enables us to demonstrate what we value and care about. For a while now I’ve wanted to start to share my life story through such a creative outlet, and for now I’ll give a shout out for my 50th Kiva loan. 🙂

Explorer of Air (Knight of Swords) The element of air is all about your mind, and this card is really about exploring options and sharing them with thoughtful confidence. It’s about listening to your own insight before anyone else.

Explorer of Fire (Knight of Wands) Likewise, this “explorer” is all about expressing creative energy. In this subconscious position in the layout, it’s my not-so-hidden desire. I feel so ready to really manifest my creative energy again… Again, the inspiring affirmation: “I dare to be transformed by the flames of passion and creativity.”

Two of Water (Cups), again, is such a beautiful card of sharing unconditional love and being present with our emotions and each other. My white puppy dog may be much smaller, but she still is very affectionate. 🙂

Ace of Fire (Wands), again, is card of new beginnings and a creative rebirth. Definitely an energy that resonates with me lately.

3 The Gardener (The Empress), again and again, is a card with such feminine qualities that I aspire to embody and share. She is radiantly peaceful, and completely generous. Affirmation: “I give thanks for the abundance and prosperity in my life.

16 The Moon is so incredibly beautiful, as she changes night after night. With the uncharacteristically clear fall skies, I’ve been taking note of her waxing every evening lately, and am so deeply looking forward to the full moon in Libra.

Eight of Air (Swords) is a card of taking action on your insights and vision. I love how this card depicts it in a community sense, and I find it fun to work at that level, but we can also get “buy in” from ourselves to take action and make a stand for what we believe it, which in all likelihood will help further connect us to likeminded people who want to make the world a better place. Amen, Sister & Brother.

Guardian of Fire (Queen of Wands), again and again, more fire energy. I so appreciate this cosmic validation, as though I’m being told, yes, share your cards…show them all, if that’s what inspires. 🙂 Affirmation: “I spark creativity in others, while tending my own creative flame.”

11 Justice, as I’ve now drawn for the fourth time, is about experiencing karmic rewards. It’s also about being fair and creating a equitable partnership. At times, like during my divorce, I interrupted this card at a more personal level. Yet, lately, it’s really felt like a call to work for social justice. Regardless of why, this affirmation is always fitting: “I to be just and fair in my dealings with others.”


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #13

Four of Air (Swords) is a good time for a retreat and rest, and to nest. To think about what you really need. It calls for prayer and meditation, and some gratitude never hurts. Feel free to just be.

17 The Star is a beautiful card of feeling healed, after a long time of feeling held back. It’s about being the star, and the center of attention, and recognized for your talents and gifts. It’s time to be generous and create in flow, trust in the abundance of the Universe.

10 The Wheel of Fortune, again, feels very true now, as the seasons change once more. Change is the only constant in life. For the Seeker, it’s about witnessing these changes with a heightened sense of awareness. The shadow side of The Wheel is when you want to cling to the past, and aren’t ready to appreciate inevitable changes.

Ace of Water (Cups) is when love feels new and exciting, and your “love cup” feels full. I love the affirmation: “I seek my heart’s desire.”

Seven of Fire (Wands) is ready to get to creative work. No more inspiration is needed, other than seeing your manifestations coming to life and wanting to forge ahead until they are complete. Again, I love the Gaian affirmation: “I have the courage and strength to transform my life.”

Four of Fire (Wands), for the umpteenth time, is reminding me that my spiritual and creative work is important. Practicing kundalini before the dawn does make me a better mother and helps me tap into my divine spirit.

Two of Fire (Wands), again, is about creating a relationship with your creativity, and not such keeping it to yourself. Yes, there is sacredness in being alone, but our spirits are here to become one again. I first learned about the idea of having a twin flame when I was contemplating names for our YippieChicks website. I was immediately fascinated, but concerned. I had been studying the Course in Miracles, and already felt that my relationship with my ex was what is called a “special relationship” where we are attracted to the other person to help fill the spiritual holes we have from childhood/society, but in the process of fulfilling the other, we loose connection with our own spirit. In direct contrast, we enter into a “holy relationship” from a place where each person comes from a place of spiritual wholeness, and unconditional love for themselves, so that they may truly love the “other.”

14 Temperance I’ve now shared about the Temperance card several times, as it’s been another ongoing theme in my personal readings. Iris represents the goddess of the rainbow, and the amazing beauty that comes from mixing the sun with the rain. It’s about using whatever live brings you, rain or sun, and making your own unique colors. If we truly understand our own powers, we can become alchemists, and bring feelings of heaven to Earth.

15 Bindweed, here again, following my hopes of Temperance, as my biggest fear. I most fear rejection, second to my loss of freedom. I believe that judgement of others for their shadows is the greatest way that we all must shift our minds, in order to create our own self acceptance and freedom.

Elder of Fire (King of Wands) has an intense image of a woman who sees creatively beyond this world. When I first started reading tarot for myself in my early twenties, I was weirded out by the presence of God that I intuitively felt when learning and understanding the cards. I had grow up going to a Methodist church. My twin sister and I started to go regularly in first grade, after having loved vacation bible school (our parents gave us a dollar each for offering, and our mom only ever came when we sang or had a special role…she also carpooled for youth group)…yet, in 8th grade I studied and “believed” in evolution and felt that it would be hypocritical to continue to go to church when I no longer believed in the creation story. When I started to attend Grace Episcopal a decade ago, as my ex and I wanted to give our kids a religious experience that was a middle ground from his Catholic upbringing, I ask the Father if they ever taught that evolution wasn’t fact, he said no. I also asked if it was acceptable that I practice tarot and at the time got daily inspirational email on the Kabbalah, and he gave a gracious reply about accepting all of our curiosities about the mysteries of life. Now as I dive deeper into understanding evolutionary astrology, and feel my vibration raising through my kundalini practice, I know that I have many more intuitive gifts than I’ve ever given myself credit for.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #12

Five of Fire (Wands) feels appropriate given that I spent a good chunk of my day at the DMV and Social Security, submitting documentation of my legal name change to Darcy Rose. Despite the bureaucracy, it feels so good to be changing my name. For years I’ve feared speaking up, not wanting to hurt anyone or feel rejected. It feels like I’m finally able to speak the truth of who I am without tarnishing the “Cronin name.” Even though they choose to be estranged, I still care for my ex-in-laws, yet they have made it clear that they do not to accept my need to become authentically me.

11 Justice is so much of what I want to speak and take action on to create radical social change. I know that my words can help inspire and unite a revolution of love and freedom.

7 The Canoe (Chariot) symbolizes how very ready I am to really move forward with my new life. Affirmation: “By focusing on my goal, success is mine.”

Explorer of Air (Knight of Swords), again, is learning and growing and swiftly, but still eager understand more. He needs a higher vantage to be able to objectively look at how and where his mind is serving him, or not.

Nine of Air (Swords) in reverse. Interestingly, I like to keep my tarot cards upright. Yet, occasionally my puppy dog or a child mixes up my deck. For more positive cards, a reverse basically means the opposite, but for a negative card, it adds an depth of protracted stuckness to the experience. Like many cards in the Gaian deck, it’s pretty easy to understand the meaning, without having a traditional understanding of tarot. This is clearly is a waking nightmare of the mind, overthinking and over worrying. As soon as this card came up, I thought of my ex. Despite feeling like we’ve been as amicable as possible, there continues to be unnecessary friction and animosity. Despite trying my best to set straightforward boundaries and no longer accept disrespectful communication, I still can’t seem to escape the fact that he chooses to regurgitate the same arguments ad nauseam. Even though they are becoming less and less effective at pushing my emotional triggers, I simply wish we no longer needed to communicate about anything (and that he would do more than hike to heal his anger and bitterness, so that he could get laid and stop worrying about my life and overstepping boundaries again and again…), yet, as my fate would have it, we still have thirteen years of active coparenting. So, it’s no wonder that at times I overthink about what feels like a situation beyond my control.

18 The Moon is a clear reminder that I just need to intuitively work my way through each phase, and shine light on the darkness, rather than feed shadows and fears.

Elder of Water (King of Cups), again, this card reminds me to listen to my emotions, as I go with the flow. I believe that acceptance is the key to peace and unconditional love for yourself.

Ace of Earth (Pentacles), again, reflects how I am very much in a place of beginning my life again. I’m just starting to take root and unfurl myself.

19 The Sun is a radiant reflection on my greatest hopes, of feeling free to be me, and appreciated for light I offer.

2 The Priestess, again, feels like this deep truth of who I am, and the sacred wisdom I need to share.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #11

I know I’ve focused mostly on my tarot readings, but I want to share more about Venus’ retrograde. “She” only goes retrograde every year and a half, which means that from Earth’s perspective, it appears that the planet is going in reverse (meanwhile everything else continues to move forward). It often means that the planet goes back into the sign that it had just gone through. One could think of it as a cosmic mulligan, and a chance to review what has and hasn’t worked in that area of your life (depends on the house in lands in now, compared to your birth chart). For Venus, it means all aspects feminine, especially what you value in terms of love and money. She rules with grace, beauty and charm, and dictates what give us pleasure in life. Since she is at home in the signs of Taurus and Libra, she is most “uncomfortable” and out of place in Scorpio, which happens to be where she is currently retracing her proverbial steps. With Scorpio being prone to instinctively go into the depth of emotions, or the underworld, it’s a time to really “own” what isn’t working for you and clear it up, before she moves forward again, essentially setting a reset button.

In talking with my Sister about my recent reflections, she reminded me that even though I feel like I have so much more to learn about evolutionary astrology, I do in fact know a great deal already. For the past two years, it’s been a deepening spiritual tool. I’m also really excited to share that I’ve decided to make a big commitment and begin a year long course in evolutionary astrology. All that I’ve learned has been so amazing, and this is the first course like this ever being taught by my first/favorite astrologer, Kaypacha, and his “dream team” of astrologers at New Paradigm Astrology. I can only imagine how much I’ll learn in an intensive year.

OK, on to my daily reading, which per usual feels like an uncanny repetition of everything I’m here to experience and work through.

Guardian of Earth (Queen of Pentacles) is ready to harvest what they’ve been sowing, in terms of financial abundance. There is a sense of dependable security, and a healthy level of comfort and satisfaction. Interesting, when I first started learning tarot, the Queen of Pentacles was the card that came up again and again, and my teacher clearly identified as me (which now makes sense given that both Venus and Mars are conjunct in Taurus, an earth sign, in my birth chart). Yet, since getting this deck, I’ve continued to get the Elder of Earth more often, and I really do believe that it’s because the card has a woman to depict the “King” energy. In either case, this is absolutely the energy that I want to create/sustain, and that I know comes naturally to me, when I’ve got my “grove on.”

Ten of Fire (Wands) …That’s the thing though, as the Ten of Fire reminds me, I’ve been in an intense phase, since deciding to start the divorce process at the full moon of new year’s day. I spent that month starting the moving process, and ending my employment. As a Venus in Taurus, feeling happiest in the comforts of home, it’s been a long time of feeling in limbo. Even though I started to put out a few applications in the winter, I honestly was way more busy with moving, selling and buying home, and giving as much energy and stability to my kids as I could during a huge life shift, plus I initially needed to give myself a lot of more patience and self care that I’ve ever given to myself. So, I admittedly haven’t put my full self into a career search, nor have I had the full confidence that I ought too, feeling reluctant to accept any position that would mean a significant sacrifice for my kids. Yet, after ten months, I am more than ready to feel resettled on the career front, and have the sustainable income to actually serve as the Guardian of Earth, that I know I am at heart. Lastly, today I signed up for food stamps for the first time ever. I just barely qualify, but after penciling out my budget, it was hard to admit to myself that I have been “eating” away at my savings to feed my family. There is always a silver lining to be found with any seemingly “hard” card, and for today, I know that I felt a big relief to gratefully accept that I need assistance to truly rebuild my financial foundation.

Two of Air (Swords) has been a helpful energy, as I clear my mind every morning, so that I may listen to what I need most. I’ve definitely become way more intuitive and trusting of myself since becoming single for the first time this century. It feels gratifying to been in conversation with my own mind, rather than having to debate someone else.

Child of Fire (Page of Wands)inspires me to act on my intuition, and I love the spontaneous energy that I’ve welcomed into my life. I know that I’m still taking comparative baby steps, but appreciate the delight I get from listening to my heart.

Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords)is showing up again to remind me that I really am honing in on how to bring my calling to life, and to share my gifts.

14 Temperance, likewise, is a beautiful reminder of how much I desire to meld seemingly disparate aspects of myself. In terms of my career search, part of my challenge is that part of me so deeply desires to work on climate change again and another part is called to continue to deepen my service to moms and children, while another part would love to simply write and learn how to share all I love via videos.

Five of Water (Cups) Yet, there has still, almost inexplicably, been a part of myself that doubts my own creative capacity and what I have to offer others that will actually heal and transform the world in deep ways I know are needed now. Aside from the Five of Pentacles, questioning my ability to provide for my family, the Five of Cups is that only really “negative” card that has repeated itself in readings again and again over the past two years. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten it nearly as often this year, but when I was questioning my marriage, and hadn’t yet found a job in Astoria, and was isolating myself by getting high, this card was a theme to reflect to emotional fog I was in. Today, I’m happy to share that I haven’t smoked marijuana in months, and have drank less alcohol this year than any year in my adult life. Being sober has given me clarity in so many ways, but especially to witness when, how and why I sabotage myself. I can now better accept the challenges that need to be acknowledged here during Venus’ retrograde, I feel ready to admit how my own self doubt has affected my ability to move forward as gracefully as I know will soon do with ease.

3 The Empress reflects the grace and radiance that I most hope to exude. I believe that every woman (and men who embrace the feminine aspect of their nature) deserves to feel exalted and peaceful, not burdened with the stresses of resources that worry us when we forget that we are the creators and givers of life.

Six of Air (Swords) gives gratitude in community for all that we have and are, being mindful our interconnectedness. There is a flow of reciprocity, and a natural collaboration in working together.

Six of Fire (Wands), for the gazillionth time, is like a beacon affirming why this series is so essential to my own growth, so that I can take the stage of my life. Again, the affirmation brings a huge smile to my face: “I passionately celebrate myself and my tribe.”


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #10

After a good night sleep and a full kundalini yoga practice, I’m feeling much better and able to enjoy this beautiful fall sunshine. 🙂 This reading feels like mostly a repetition of previous days, yet there are always new elements that arise.

Explorer of Earth is about intuitively manifesting material sustainability. Earth or pentacles has to do with creating wealth and abundance. As I shared when this card came up early this week, I am still in the process of creating my new budget, based on my new mortgage and expenses.

Five of Fire, again, demands that I speak my truth, and share these readings despite knowing that some won’t approve of me expressing myself in this way.

Justice, again, is a deep calling of mine. One thing I’ve wanted to share is how much the whole inevitable confirmation of Kavanaugh really woke me up to my desire to create deep political reform. For the past two years I’ve tuned out of politics more than I ever thought possible, given how much it intrigues me and how much I care. Yet, I was honestly focused on my own transformation, and after marching in the rain, decided that I needed to focus on my own emancipation before I could work to create social justice for others. Now that I’m resettled, I’m very much wanting to find meaningful work where I feel like I can be a part of creating social justice.

Two of Fire, again, this card reminds me of the energy I am creating through the relationships that I’m in. It’s hot and makes my cheeks glow. 🙂

Child of Fire, again, has a glow that comes from within. She is able to tap into her creative energy. Affirmation: “I jump at new opportunity.”

Guardian of Fire is keeping the creative fire burning strong, with steadfast focus. Like the difference between a camp and a bon fire, this one is meant to give warmth to the whole community, not just yourself. Like the affirmation: “I spark creativity in others while tending my own creative flame.”

15 Bindweed (The Devil) Before this card came up, I could sense it. I was feeling self-doubt around my desire to start reading tarot professionally. On one level, I know I would love it and would be providing a service that would help people on their life paths, yet I still fear the feast or famine.

Three of Air is one I relate well to, as someone who enjoys writing. Air is the element of the mind, and unless you write or tip tap your thoughts down, you may be missing your full potential. I still don’t know exactly where/how writing will fit into my new career, but I know that it’s a creative practice that I want to foster.

Four of Water is about replenishing your emotional reserves. This feels appropriate, given that I’ve been fighting back an allergy-related cold and when my body feels off, my emotions are the first to wonder what’s going on. I got a really good night’s sleep last night, but am honestly feeling like a nap now…

Temperance is such a beautiful card of combining different aspects of ourselves to create a unique harmony. As a twin and Gemini sun, with Libra rising, I am continually balancing my dual nature. If you look closely at the Gaian card, her third eye is glowing, as she intuitively senses how to beautifully blend her life.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #9

As we continue to go through Venus’ retrograde, I am challenging myself to post a tarot reflection every day. I just finished mulching the new landscaping that I’ve transformed from a weedy grass patch. I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, so I am really enjoying this brief rest. I’m listening to video a venus in retrograde by one of the “dream team” from New Paradigm astrology, and I particularly appreciated Ari Moshe’s song at the end.

Elder of Water, again central in my reading for the second day, getting this card always makes me closer to my father. I feel a wise and peaceful love, that’s shared in the moment.

2 The Priestess is such a perfect card for venus’ retrograde, allowing ourselves the space to create enough stillness in our lives to listen to our own wisdom.

Two of Earth is often represented with two coins, connected with the infinity symbol, showing that if we can balance our resources, we can reach our infinite potential.

Three of Fire in the Gaian deck just an empowering card, from the guide: “You are on fire with the joy of creativity, sexuality and self-empowerment. Nothing will hold you back from expressing yourself with great abandonment and rowdiness. This is no time to hide your light under a bushel. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. It’s an exciting time for you! Who knows where your passion, creativity and magic will take you next?” Yes, please.

11 Justice Empowerment isn’t just for ourselves. I feel so incredibly called to work for social justice.

1 Magician As someone who enjoys diversity and activity, I’ve always felt connected to the Magician. I love the range of experiences that we can manifest for ourselves, so long as we take action, even baby steps, toward the personal and social change we envision.

Ace of Earth, in the position of self in the situation, is about planting seeds for the future, and caring for them today. It has such a grounded newness, hope and faith that whatever you take action on will be come to fruition.

Ten of Fire, interestingly in the same placement as a few days ago, reflects my/our need to let go of relationships/habits/things that no longer serve me. Like a forest, rebirth comes after the flames.

Nine of Fire is absolutely one of my favorite cards, as I’ve continued to experience awakening. It’s so serene and passionate at the same time. Affirmation: “I am a being of light and fire, as well as flesh and bone.”

Ten of Air is another card of letting go, and metaphorically flying home to ourselves. It’s a card of completion. Affirmation: “I heed the inevitably of change and discover the gifts found in letting go.”

Maybe it’s my allergies, but I’m feeling drained as I end this. I’m glad that I’ve set my own expectation so low that I’ve already exceeded them, and I can only hope that sharing this will help reveal to who I am and what I’m experiencing and learning. Letting go of wanting to prove anything to anyone, and simply being myself and going with the flow, feel like such an incredibly empowering place to be.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #8

Child of Water is a beautiful way to start this reading, as it was the “outcome” card for yesterday. Reading the Gaian guide, it certainly feels spot on with all the new love energy in my life: “She may be experiencing love for the first time. She needs to embrace her emotions, dreams, and imagination, and let her heart be filled.

20 Awakening…I simply love this card. Funny, as I was just thinking yesterday that I hadn’t even started to share about my awakenings. I’ve experienced several awakenings before. Yet, since the winter/spring, I’ve been experienced a heightened awareness. During meditations as I’ve fallen asleep and woken up, I’ve felt my entire body energized at a molecular level. Initially feeling the vibrations in my heart and throughout my back, and then extending and enveloping my whole body. It’s surreal and peaceful, and certainly like I am in a heightened state of being.

2 Priestess, she again reminds me that I am called to share my gifts, especially through starting to do readings.

Temperance, as a Libra rising, I’ve always loved this card. Temperance is about creating harmony from the seemingly different aspects of ourselves. As an identical twin and a Gemini sun, I certainly know how to navigate duality.

Four of Fire, for the upteenth time already, is a beautiful affirmation of my daily spiritual practices.

The Moon, I so appreciate the tagline in the Gaian guide for The Moon: Constant, Faithful Changes. It’s so important for us to move with the flow of life, and learn to reconnect with the lunar cycles.

Five of Air has come up often when I’m in some form of debate (i.e. divorce). But as soon as I saw this card come in this position, I felt that it has much more to do with my internal debate between feeling pure confidence and questioning myself. At least I feel like I’ve gotten much better at observing such internal debates without getting completely caught up.

10 The Wheel is another beautiful reminder to embrace change, and not fight against what only feels natural.

Explorer of Earth is about becoming truly resourceful. It’s about creating sustainable routines, which is ideal for this new phase of my life.

Seven of Fire has such an industrious feel, feeling ready to take action. Here’s what the lovely Gaian guide shares: “It’s time for you to take a risk for personal growth and stand up for your authentic self. Dare to forge ahead! You are learning to trust your own strength, and sense of personal power.” And the affirmation: “I have the courage and strength to transform my life.” Indeed, indeed.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #7

Wow, again. I swear that I really do shuffle the deck, mostly with my eyes closed. Sometimes I just breath and clear my mind, other times I ask for the cards to reveal my highest truth, so that I may create my deepest desires.

Four of Fire This is such a validation of my spiritual practice. While I’ve been journaling, just a single page, about my tarot readings for a while now, it’s felt so much more powerful to reflect more and share, and not keep all this creative energy to myself.

Getting the Six of Fire once again inspires me to share my whole self and passions. In sharing with my counselor about the shift I’ve felt with just a week of sharing my tarot reflections, I realized that it’s as though I’ve come out of the closet both as an intentionally open lover and as a tarot reader.

Seven of Water is perfect here, as I continue to try to listen to my heart in determining how to head my calling to share my spiritual truths. Here’s what the Gaian tarot guide says, “It’s time for you to narrow down your options, and choose one dream or fantasy out of many. Saying no is as empowering as saying yes. What will open up for you as a result of this decision? Follow your intuition and lift that cup. Drink deeply, and let your well be filled.”

Elder of Water is about having enough social and emotional maturity to be able to practice self love and self care to the point that you have a genuine capacity to serve people in your life. The traditional Kind of Cups quickly became the card that most resonated with my father, Wally. He bought his first deck when I was taking my tarot reading class from Connie Bender, and it quickly became a way for us to bond at a deeper level than ever before. It was interesting because even though I was still a relative beginner, I was in the position of teaching him.

Explorer of Air, again, is about actively gaining a higher perspective to tap into your true self, even when that puts you out on a limb, because it will force to grow, which may ripple to social change. I like the quote for this card, “Rarely satisfied with the status quo, this card reveals someone who may be a bit of a rebel and iconoclast, but who loves to teach and share their knowledge.”

Child of Earth, just like yesterday’s spread, the child of earth/pentacles is about building your financial foundation. Now that I’ve been blessed enough to manifest buying my house, I know that I need to figure out how create sustainable cash flow as soon as possible. I’ve come to see that despite being overly confident in searching/buying my new home, I’ve struggled with self worth, as I’ve not landed a dream job that fits with me family life nor have I been able to confidently how to share my gifts.

Guardian of Fire is still standing strong, reminding me that only I can stoke my creative energy and share my passion. This is how I want to feel/be: “The Guardian of Fire is someone who quietly owns his own worth. He doesn’t have to be the center of attention in order to feel good about himself, although he is sometimes quite naturally in the spotlight. This someone who attracts others because of a warm heart and natural radiance. Remember that when the flame of creativity is shared, all benefit, and no single fire is diminished. Passions shared and combined can create a bonfire big enough to light the entire sky.” Serendipitously, the graphic frame above my desk, in my entryway, has a similar quote, “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases from being shared.” ~Buddha

The Moon, again, as I continue to feel the new moon energy. I have shifted my life so radically and intentionally since I first started doing new and full moon rituals and reflections, and studying evolutionary astrology. I feel grateful for this consciousness in my life. As I shared in my previous post, with the moon shifting every 2 1/2 days, it gives new meaning to the philosophy that “this too shall pass.” It gives me both an urgency and a patience that helps me be faithful to the seeds of intentions that I plant with each new moon.

Ace of Air, again, brings such a burst of clarity. I’m feeling this very much around the idea of finally offering tarot readings. I really loved doing life coaching, and always toyed with the idea of incorporating tarot readings. I really believe that it would be a useful tool to get to the heart of what you’re dealing with and insight how to live your bliss.

Child of Water, again, is for me about listening to my delighted inner child. It’s about loving yourself unconditionally. I simply loooove the Gaian affirmation: “I imagine a life filled with love, art and spirituality.” For me art also includes beauty, which is abundant in nature, especially rivers and the ocean. Now that I’m no longer living at the mouth of the mighty Columbia, close to the beach, I need to prioritize taking trips to the water.


Darcy Rose

Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #6

Wow, this is crazy. The two central cards are the same as on my second reading. Plus the Gardener and Three of Earth in the same place as two other spreads. Maybe it’s only fascinating to me, but I truly love feeling amazed the themes that show up again and again. All this fire certainly has me feeling inspired and creative.

Explorer of Fire Gaian affirmation: “I dare to be transformed by the flames of passion and creativity.” Moving on from the “child,” the Explorer cards take our skills and talents and intuitions and put them into action. I love how confident and graceful she is dancing with fire.

Six of Fire Gaian affirmation “I passionately celebrate myself and my tribe.” This card feels like me stepping into my own light, and no longer playing safe in the shadows.

Four of Earth is about building a financial foundation, like storing your nuts. As I shared before, I’m still in the process of creating a new sustainable income/budget, and even though it’s on the subconscious, it’s still there.

The Canoe (The Chariot) I’m such a high energy person that I love feeling the Chariot’s energy, and given that I love boating of all kinds, this Canoe card is a beauty.

3 The Gardener As I shared before, this card is one of abundance and beauty, and all things feminine. I appreciate her fertility, and how peaceful she looks sitting in her garden of glory.

Three of Earth All the major arcana cards, like The Gardener, relate to the “suit cards” with the same number, so this card has a similar energy, and stage of the journey. I love the gratitude and peace that are imbued.

Two of Earth is a card that I get really often, and it always feels like such an important reminder of how I need to stay strong and balanced, and rooted amidst life’s turbulent activity. While I don’t have twins, with three young kids, I’m constantly juggling.

Ace of Fire, again, such a beautiful card of creative rebirth. Aces are perfect for this new moon energy.

Guardian of Air is a card that first came up a ton when I started working for Northwest Parenting and Clatsop County, the spring before last. It always feels like the card that explains my calling to lead by example, knowing that my walking my talk and talking my walk, that I can help shift our culture to support moms and nurture kids. Gaian affirmation “I declare my truth with candor and clarity.

Child of Water, like the otters in the Three of Earth, always reminds me of my youthful love of water. I love having such an innocent view on love and emotions. I feel as though, for the most part, I am able to live and love without hesitation or conditions (and I’m definitely much more of aware of where/how I used to try to control, instead of simply allow and accept), knowing that being present and giving will always leave me feeling joyful. 🙂


Darcy Rose