Growing a Family: A complicated story

Family photo on the first day of school.

A first family photo with newborn Teagan, also the first day of the school year!

Growing a family feels much like raising one: pure instinct.

At one point I had tried to convince myself to keep my family small for environmental reasons. Then after loosing my father, and waking up to life’s preciousness, I felt like having another child was my calling.

It wasn’t that simple though. As my close friends and family know, I ended up getting pregnant with an IUD. At first the doctor thought I had ovarian cancer, but it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. I had to get one ovary and tube removed, but still felt the urge to have another baby. Once off birth control, I got pregnant immediately, but my body wasn’t ready. After a miscarriage, I went back on the pill. I still not-so-secretly wanted another child. Then I broke my ankle and Hubby didn’t get my prescription refilled…low and behold I was pregnant a few weeks later.

All this to say that I know the decision to have a child isn’t always straightforward.

Yet, whether you choose to have a single child or a dozen, Simplicity Parenting is all about creating a thriving and joyful family environment. One of the things that attracts me most to Simplicity Parenting is that the process is all about taking a bigger picture view of your family values, not defining them for you.

One could easily argue that by having a third child that I just rapidly complicated my life, rather than simplified it. And you would be both right and wrong. Right in the sense that I now that three beings to care, clothe, and feed til college and beyond. Wrong because regardless of the number of children, I still have one parenting objective: raise a family that is united in our values. I felt like with two that it would always be a “divide and conquer” mentality, and that hopefully now with three children we’ll make our decisions based on what’s best for the whole family.

At just six weeks into motherhoodX3, I feel blessed…even if the goal of simplicity is now that much more complicated.

How has having more kids complicated your life? 


PS My gay neighbors are happy that we’re doing the procreating for them 😉

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  1. Pure instinct. I love it. You are such an incredible mother and so much more. Looking forward to seeing the journey unfold.

    Much love,


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