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I’ve been savoring my new role as a mother-at-home (still working out a title that fits…I certainly don’t stay home and often work from coffee shops). Even though my “work” days are all too short, and blessedly interrupted with diaper duty and newborn nursing, I am still satisfied and motivated by the work I do manage to accomplish. Creating a start-up has a true learning curve, but it excites me.

I’m very excited to share that I’ve decided to take the parenting coach aspect of my business to the next level. Initially I was only ever planning to host Simplicity Parenting workshops, but recently I’ve felt called to delve into the coaching role. On top of the personal satisfaction I get from writing/reflecting, I love connecting with people one-on-one, and savor the community/work relationships I’ve created in my past work. I love the feeling of helping others and connecting deeply.

So, I’ve enrolled in Mama Bliss Coaching School!!!

I was turned on to Kathy’s Bliss Beyond Naptime blog from a college friend when I told her how interested I was/am in Simplicity Parenting. Kathy has taken the same training that I have, and her parenting/mama values are very much in line with mine. Yet, she’s already managed to create a successful coaching practice and is ready to share her wisdom. While it’s a big investment at a time when I was honestly hoping to start breaking even on some of my start-up sweat equity, I’m really excited about becoming certified in Mama Bliss Coaching. Who wouldn’t be?!…it just sounds delicious. In fact it’s also very practical, the four pillars are: Self-care, Creativity, Values and Simplicity.

Without going too far afield, I also want to share another person I’ve felt inspired by lately. I found Veronica Krestow when searching for a video about coaching, and have quickly fallen in love with her abundant wisdom and love for life. Today’s “Treasure Tuesday” video feels like exactly what I want to share with Mamas who are ready to explore/expand.

Here are my own notes on Veronica’s lovely L.O.V.E acronym:

  • LLean Back – This is such an important message for Mamas. Being a Mama is a busy job, no matter what your self-imposed workload is like. We need to take more time to rest and reflect. It really will give you more stamina in the end, and likely send you on an easier path.
  • OOpen Up – I couldn’t agree with Veronica more, reflecting and meditating helps keep my heart open. When I worked downtown each time I sipped from a Benson Bubbler, I did a little prayer: May my heart be open. May my voice be clear. May the light shine bright. Whatever little reminder works for you, just make sure stress doesn’t suck you down.
  • VValue You – Be patient and kind with yourself, as you would a dear friend. Celebrate your uniqueness. I love her advice to set a date with yourself…I’m looking forward to the one on my calendar.
  • EEnjoy! – Take time to laugh and play, especially with our kids. Even if you’re not quite “there” yet, take moments to celebrate the small successes. With joy comes ease.

I feel like I could write a parallel for parenting, but in reality we need to practice loving ourselves first.

How do you L.O.V.E. yourself?

Have you ever tried coaching?


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