Right Now: An Ode to Astoria FisherPoets

I just got home from an inspiring and fun-filled evening of experiencing my first Astoria FisherPoets. I was truly blown away, especially by Steve Schoonmaker, who I was tipped off by our Airbnb guest, Michele. I’m so happy to have listened to Mary Garvey, who felt like an ancestor I’ve never known.

At this moment, I’m also feeling blessedly closer to my father than I have felt in a long time, knowing that he would have come to such a gathering and soaked up every tale. While he never published a poem, Wally was a poet at heart, which came through in his songs and storytelling.

I began this prose/poem earlier this week in anticipation of FisherPoets, and just finished (you’ll note the change where I start to rhyme 😉 Here’s my poetry/prose inspired by Astoria’s FisherPoets gathering:


Right now there is a thick fog outside my window.

The sun can’t penetrate, nor the river flow.


I can suddenly see why I haven’t been able to truly visualize the grandeur and beauty of my own life.

I’ve got it all already figured out on the inside, but can’t seem to see past my own broken picket fence.


I’m a poet and a preacher, and I’m just beginning to know it.

For best results, I only need to answer my own questions with my inner voice of wisdom and grace.


I am finally ready to make my mark, by knocking this life out of the park.

C0-designing a truly miraculous life, complete with the funnest slide you’ve ever gone down.


I simply need to stop putting all my energy toward worry and angst, and listening to others’ fears.

And courageously let the whole wide world see my inner light.


Today we welcome our third guest(s) into our home, here from Alaska to experience Astoria’s FisherPoets.

I never expected that her arrival would well up such deep wisdom and flood of emotions.


I am eager to welcome the whole wide world into our home, provided we each want more than a quid pro quo.

To love and accept us exactly as we are, breaking the separateness that has become status quo.


When it comes down to it, this is who I was meant to be.

A hostess with the mostess, who loves water more than breath.


An identical Gemini who needs to know her own worth before she can stop talking about herself in third person.

And hire the “help” I’ve been reluctant to manifest, because my inner child still thinks being rich is bad.


I’ve told myself for many many years that I need to play small, not draw attention to myself.

Yet, gracefully, there’s been a quiet inner voice growing within me since I began meditation.


My beautiful inner voice tells me to be true to me.

To live without fear of rejection and to let my waters flow free.


I’ve only ever been fishing a few times, not appreciating the cold drippy silence with my Dad.

By college eagerly learning how to crack cod necks “Rambo Style” on the Baltic Sea, not thinking it bad.


Marine biology and ecology was my early passion, along with collecting every shell on the beach.

Now at nearly forty, I find myself musing about how to bring that youthful spirit back in reach.


Denmark was my first true love,

now Astoria on good days feels like heaven from above.


I just wish that every day I could see the river so clearly, and explore an old ship with my girl on my hip.

And feel so inspired by kindred spirits who have found their own voice.


Even in these scary times, I can hardly wait to see what one more time around the sun will bring.

Until next year, FisherPoets, thanks for making my heart sing.



Darcy Rose


PS This poem/poetry was also inspired by Sabrina Carpenter’s poppy ballad, Right Now.

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