The Best Day of My Life

Theme Song B.C. – The Best Day of My Life

Our family adopted The Best Day of My Life as our family theme song, while on a road trip on Vancouver Island British Columbia.

Traveling from Portland, Oregon. We ventured as a family of with a less than one year old, five and eight year old on a two week trek all across Vancouver Island, ending in Tofino. It was stunningly beautiful and mostly very fun and easy.

The trip was full of ferry adventure, and we initially took a ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, then another ferry to Mayne Island for a night at our family friend’s rustic cabin. We tossed the Frisbee, hiked along the shore, and shared an amazing salmon feast overlooking the northwest waterfront view. One of the few melt downs of the trip was because the kids were so sad to leave the island so quickly. We had to agree that it felt too rushed, but we had reservations to keep and a full two week trip planned, so we simply had to pack up and head out.

Next, we camped with three Canadian families for three nights in Parksville at Rathtrevor Provincial Park. It was really beautiful park with amazing bay and tides that shifted more dramatically than I had ever experienced. You could walk for an hour out to the sea and by high tide, the whole bay would be engulfed by a huge shallow body of water. The bay happened to be full of sand dollars and we made ourselves quite the beach picnic. Hopefully I’ll track down the memorable photos that Levi took of Rosanna and I with the babes. They were too cute. 🙂

I don’t have time to write the rest of this family story at this early hour, but I want to post it regardless. I need to get past the idea that every post has to be picture perfect when I hit publish. I need to be able to just get in front of the camera and talk. I need to push past all my childhood insecurities and fears of rejection. Yes, sometimes my posts are half-baked, but that’s O.K.

All I’ll say for now is that there’s one hilariously classic poop story that will go down in West Coast Cronin Clan lore…




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