Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #3

A close friend asked me to share more about “why share during Venus in retrograde?” instead of other planets. Venus is the feminine planet and represents beauty and love. She’s most at home in Taurus (where she is conjunct to Mars in my birth chart), where she can live beautifully. In Scorpio, it’s about going to the “underworld” and diving deep to learn from ourselves how to bring our inner beauty to the surface.

I will also say I’ve read traditional tarot nearly two decades (my favorite other deck in the Mythic Tarot).

Four of Fire is about creating a spiritual practice that connects you to the divine. My daily practice has deepened over time, and for a long time I did a twenty minute Deepak series (I just checked and a new meditation experience for youthful living begins 10/29!). Since moving into my own home, where I have just barely enough space for my yoga mat in my bedroom, I wake up almost every morning to practice an hour and a half of kundalini yoga/meditation online with Ra Ma TV, which I first found through discovering Guru Jagat on I just found that Guru Jagat has a new Kundalini 101 class. Kundalini is not at all like “normal” yoga, and everyone is going to experience it differently, but for me, I felt a radical shift in just a week of practicing 30 minutes a day.

The Seeker, usually The Fool, is where the journey begins. It’s about living every day and moment with a beginner’s mind, being open minded and open hearted, being ready to intuitively explore what comes before our path.

The Wheel feels very true now, as the seasons change once more. Change is the only constant in life. For the Seeker, it’s about witnessing these changes with a heightened sense of awareness. The shadow side of The Wheel is when you want to cling to the past, and aren’t ready to appreciate inevitable changes.

Two of Air, in the consciousness position, is more on the theme of intuitively sensing, and being quiet enough to listen to what you most need.

The Moon is a another feminine empowerment card, yet instead of the stability and grounding of the The Empress, it’s about creating flow. This feels ideal with the new moon in Libra on Monday. I have been setting intentions with each new moon and practicing gratitude and celebration at the full moon, but I want to do more to live in balance with the moon cycles every 2 1/2 days. I was blown away to learn that women have 11 moon centers of energy in there are ways to activate them, including through sexual intimacy. As delightful as that sounds, the suggestion that most appeals to me is making sure to take more walks in the moon light.

Eight of Air reminds me of my desire to work with others to make the world a better place. As much as I enjoy leading my own life, I know that I get such a boost of energy from working with people. I know that I am a natural leader, in a feminine way, where I want to facilitate rather than dictate.

Likewise, the Six of Air reminds of how much I enjoy feel connected to community. I feel like I’m still just barely resettled, and I look forward to creating my new community. This card is also want of deep gratitude, which I absolutely feel.

The Sun is radiant. Even though I can’t claim that I live in this state all the time, I absolutely love feeling energetically radiant and grateful. I love sharing my light with anyone ready to embrace joyful vibes.

Two of Fire, damn this is a sexy card. It’s about tapping into our creative potential with both hands. The Gaian affirmation is “I am empowered by my passion for life, love and wildness.”

The Empress has shifted since my spread yesterday, which I described already. Given the fact that my kids are away visiting their Dad, it reminds me that I love to give, give, give to them, but I need my space and solitude to reflect and regain my feminine power.

Wishing you a beautiful that reflects your own divine nature.


Darcy Rose

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