Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #4

Another day, another beautiful reading. It’s interesting to note that Fire, creative spiritual energy, has been at the center of every reading so far. As much as any single reading, I love having a daily practice to see/feel the patterns that replay and shift in my life.

The Ace of Fire in the Gaian deck feels like the ultimate symbol of creative rebirth. Like the two aces from my first reading, I’m welcoming this energy into my life. Now that I’m settled into my new home, I feel very ready to write my next chapter.

Four of Fire shifted from the central position yesterday to the supporting position today. Fours are all about building your foundation. While I have a steady practice, I still feeling like I’m still tweaking it daily to see what more inspires and enlivens me.

Two of Water shows such a joyful unconditional love. Water is all about emotion and love, and twos about merging and feeling empowered and strengthened by doubling your growth. For me, being with a lover or friend always feels like an opportunity to grow emotionally and expand my capacity to love.

Seven of Earth is all about sowing seeds of abundance in our lives, and in this position, it’s particularly about doing it with conscious intention. It’s also about having patience to watch what you plant grow. For a while now I’ve enjoyed visualizing myself planting a seed when I call or email someone, or even just do a google search, then the next action is like watering that seed, and then watching it grow…

0 The Seeker was found in the supporting position yesterday and now finds herself reflecting the past. I like to look at the position of the past as a important aspect to learn from before going forward. The Seeker or Fool is all about the Hero’s Journey, a journey of self-discovery and living a fully realized life, or as Campbell says, “Following your bliss.”

Three of Earth “happens” to land in the same exact position as my first reading, and perfect given that over the weekend I had some deep and lovely conversations with three close girlfriends. Looking forward to more of this in the future, as I value my Sister relationship as least as much as with my Lovers/Brothers.

Four of Air is a card that I first started to get when I began planning to leave my marriage, and very much feels like building a new nest from an intellectual place, about nurturing ideas. For my “new” family, it’s about creating new routines that keep us all happy and healthy, able to put our energy toward learning and doing what matters most to us.

Ten of Fire is in the place of “environment” or people in your life, and how they view you or the situation. As soon as I saw this I saw a family member who doesn’t understand/agree with my need to share that intentionally want to live with an open heart and create open relationships. Tens are about the final transformation, and despite not wanting to feel the fire of disappointment or rejection, I feel at peace knowing that this too is part of the process of true self acceptance.

15 Bindweed (The Devil) is rightfully in the position of fears. I’ve felt trapped essence of this card before, but today seeing it as a fear, as an illusion of my mind, it feels very different. In the Gaian deck the subtitle is “Life out of Balance.” Despite loving it on many levels, I’m almost at my personal limit for how many lovers I want in my life. Yet, when a good friend started to flirt with me, I reciprocated and invited him over for the evening. Despite us enjoying our time together, in the morning I very much felt that we need to stay friends. Even though it was hard to express that to him, he understood and was equally gracious. He had his own reservations about whether I could meet his desire to have more of an every day life partner. By reflecting on this reading, and speaking my truth, I feel like I was able to avoid truly feeling the pain that this card can represent, it we avoid listening to our hearts.

21 Gaia, The World Awe. Such a lovely card and beautiful way to end the reading. I do feel like I do everything I can to embrace and create my world and live each day to the fullest. I love the Gaian affirmation “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Indeed.

Sending you peace, love and light during this Venus retrograde.


Darcy Rose

PS To understand more about Venus in retrograde, check out this video from one of my favorite astrologers:

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