Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #5

A good friend of mine thinks that reading with the Gaian deck can be challenging because people can take the vivid imagery too literally. While I agree on some levels, I feel magnetically draw into the beauty and diversity of the cards, and I’ve haven’t been able to “go back” to my other traditional decks since I got this one two years ago…coincidentally with a big wave of awakenings. If it inspires me to have a daily tarot practice, that helps me feel spiritually connected, that’s all that really matters.

Explorer of Air climbs up to gain a higher view of the situation, knowing that you can’t solve anything at face/ground level. As I continue to awaken, I see how intricately everything that happens on the material plane reflects my spiritual alignment.

Guardian of Fire, again, is a protector of creative energy and life force, not letting others diminish our spark. I love the quote, “Don’t let someone dim your light, simply because it’s shining in their eyes.” Obviously, we need to respect each other, but when it comes to creative energy, we can’t expect that everyone is going to be lit up the same way.

Guardian of Earth, more King energy, about becoming sovereign. This is card about creating and sustaining abundance, and having faith in all the seeds we’ve planted.

Explorer of Water, I’m never surfed, but would love to learn. I absolutely love doing everything I can do go with the flow. Water is all about love and emotions, and that’s certainly what I love exploring most.

Four of Fire, this is the third time this card has come up this week, each day progressing through the layout, like it’s telling me that I’m on my spiritual path. Again, the Four of Fire is about creating a foundation for your spiritual rituals and practices. There’s no better time than at the new moon.

2 The Priestess She is no doubt a wise woman. I love the way this card shows both maiden and crone. I felt often like an old woman as a child, and now as a middle aged woman, I love how youthful I feel. Yet, the Priestess shares her wisdom on a much deeper level, with a mysterious connection that spans between her womb and moon. I got this card often as I was trying to decide whether to leave my marriage.

Seven of Air Sevens are all about planning for and taking action the future. This is exactly what I’m working to do, especially here at the new moon in Libra.

8 Strength I’ve always loved how feminine the Strength card is, and here in Venus retrograde, it reminds me of how inevitable the shift toward feminine empowerment, and the collapse of the patriarchy. (Please note that I view patriarchy not simply as masculine energy, but as masculine energy that dominates over the feminine). Here’s a beautiful quote about the Libra new moon: “On this Libra New Moon, may we step into fearless compassion and limitless strength—never weakening ourselves for others. May we feel our confidence as we upend oppressive powers, returning to love, again and again.

Five of Earth Once again the five of earth shows up as my greatest fear. While I am truly proud and relieved to have managed to purchase my new home, it took waaaay more of my reserves than I anticipated. I know that I need to create a new sustainable budget, and I have been avoiding face my finances. Yet, I know that only by facing my fears will I be able to create true freedom for myself.

Six of Fire Admittedly, I found this quote and felt inspired to paste it, but somehow can’t find where to attribute it to now. So, thank you the anonymous writer”  “It’s time to come to terms with all you’ve kept in the shadows, so you can live in accordance with your values and live the life you love. You can only do this when you are being true to yourself.” The truth is that for the most part I’ve kept my rising consciousness and expanding heart chakra mostly to myself and feel lucky people. I’ve spent most of my life happily in the shadows of people I love, but I know my heart  longs to dance and celebrate spirit.

Peace and love,

Darcy Rose

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