Venus Retrograde Tarot Reflection #6

Wow, this is crazy. The two central cards are the same as on my second reading. Plus the Gardener and Three of Earth in the same place as two other spreads. Maybe it’s only fascinating to me, but I truly love feeling amazed the themes that show up again and again. All this fire certainly has me feeling inspired and creative.

Explorer of Fire Gaian affirmation: “I dare to be transformed by the flames of passion and creativity.” Moving on from the “child,” the Explorer cards take our skills and talents and intuitions and put them into action. I love how confident and graceful she is dancing with fire.

Six of Fire Gaian affirmation “I passionately celebrate myself and my tribe.” This card feels like me stepping into my own light, and no longer playing safe in the shadows.

Four of Earth is about building a financial foundation, like storing your nuts. As I shared before, I’m still in the process of creating a new sustainable income/budget, and even though it’s on the subconscious, it’s still there.

The Canoe (The Chariot) I’m such a high energy person that I love feeling the Chariot’s energy, and given that I love boating of all kinds, this Canoe card is a beauty.

3 The Gardener As I shared before, this card is one of abundance and beauty, and all things feminine. I appreciate her fertility, and how peaceful she looks sitting in her garden of glory.

Three of Earth All the major arcana cards, like The Gardener, relate to the “suit cards” with the same number, so this card has a similar energy, and stage of the journey. I love the gratitude and peace that are imbued.

Two of Earth is a card that I get really often, and it always feels like such an important reminder of how I need to stay strong and balanced, and rooted amidst life’s turbulent activity. While I don’t have twins, with three young kids, I’m constantly juggling.

Ace of Fire, again, such a beautiful card of creative rebirth. Aces are perfect for this new moon energy.

Guardian of Air is a card that first came up a ton when I started working for Northwest Parenting and Clatsop County, the spring before last. It always feels like the card that explains my calling to lead by example, knowing that my walking my talk and talking my walk, that I can help shift our culture to support moms and nurture kids. Gaian affirmation “I declare my truth with candor and clarity.

Child of Water, like the otters in the Three of Earth, always reminds me of my youthful love of water. I love having such an innocent view on love and emotions. I feel as though, for the most part, I am able to live and love without hesitation or conditions (and I’m definitely much more of aware of where/how I used to try to control, instead of simply allow and accept), knowing that being present and giving will always leave me feeling joyful. 🙂


Darcy Rose

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