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Dear Fair Family,

I am a “Fair Baby,” daughter of Wally’s Way, aka “The Twins.” I’ve served on staff since the first TEEN crew and have volunteered two decades as an InSecurity Pathrover. I am continually in awe of the amazing peaceful energy we create together and simply want to amplify the positive ripples.

I began this letter before Fair, not with the intention of running for the board, but simply to re-introduce myself as Darcy Rose. My original letter began with a long meandering musing about who I am, how culturally significant Fair is for my three generations, and why I feel called to contribute year round. Yet, with 300 words max, I need to condense my expansive desire to be part of our natural evolution, radically shifting from the patriarchy.

Here are some ideas:

  • Allow, enable and encourage board members to participate virtually (We are in a new century that connects us virtually, plus it is the Oregon Country Fair).
  • Make the bold and essential goal of becoming a carbon neutral gathering by 2022 (It’s now or never, people…we don’t have a decade to wait).
  • Strategically and creatively reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels to host our essential event.
  • Plant trees and native plants on the land to sequester carbon where there are no plans to expand our human footprint. (Hoedads 2.0!!)
  • Calculate the carbon footprint per fairgoer and encourage ways to offset.
  • Work in partnership with Fair vendors and partners to offset our carbon impact by creating and funding statewide projects.
  • Continue to support inspiring environmental art and performances.
  • Celebrate the 50th by collaborating with filmmakers to create a documentary to capture Fair Magic, past, present and future…

Peace and love,

Darcy Rose

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